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Mark Zuckerberg Teams Up With Christian Homophobic Groups

Mark Zuckerberg is so passionate about his pet philanthropic project,, that he's willing to overlook the dangerous anti-gay platforms of his new partners. 

According to Valleywag, next week the Facebook-backed will join well-known conservative corporations like Wal-Mart and Microsoft as well as a coalition of extremely anti-gay Christian political groups including the National Association of Evangelicals, The Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission, Liberty Counsel Action, and the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference to push for immigration reform. 

"Pushing for bipartisan support for comprehensive immigration reform is swell—but this places Zuck and his tech tycoon friends squarely in the same corner as some of the most virulent homophobes in American politics," writes Sam Biddle at Valleywag.

Evidence for the "virulence" of Zuckerberg's new partners include these easily available core principles from some of the organizations:

In bold action that defends truth with civility, the NHCLC Board, comprised of Hispanic Denominational leaders, Mega-church pastors, prominent ministry and organizational leaders, is calling its 40,118 churches to a 40 day fast beginning June 1, 2012 to pray for righteousness and favor in defense of God's institution of marriage. The NHCLC Board has also announced a Father's Day event called "Celebrating God's Plan for Marriage Sunday." Sermon notes and illustrations will be provided and Pastors will read a declaration affirming a commitment to this sacred institution.


"First and foremost, a homosexual person simply does not exist. Homosexuality should be considered as an adjective—a behavior—and not as a noun or label defining a person."


"We commend Southern Baptist efforts to engage in loving, redemptive ministry to homosexuals and encourage all Southern Baptists to consider how they might assist those struggling against same-sex attractions to find spiritual, sexual, and emotional wholeness in Christ."

- Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission

"Harvey Milk was demonstrably, categorically an evil man based on his rape of teenage boys."

- Liberty Counsel Action

(Here's what and their coalition of anti-gay groups are proposing.)

Why validate these groups when there are countless pro-gay immigration organizations that would likely jump at the opportunity to work with

Elon Musk jumped the ship earlier this year after learning that Zuckerberg's side project was willing to overlook the ideological extreme right's infractions in order to garner support for immigration reform partnerships. 

Elon wrote in a statement:

“I agreed to support FWD, because there is a genuine need to reform immigration. However, this should not be done at the expense of other important causes. I have spent a lot of time fighting far larger lobbying organizations in DC and believe that the right way to win on a cause is to argue the merits of that cause. This statement may surprise some people, but my experience is that most (not all) politicians and their staffs want to do the right thing and eventually do.”

Anyway, should we let Zuckerberg and Facebook off the hook for partnering with some of the LGBT community's most vocal and active opponents? 

(Via Valleywag; Image: Mark Zuckerberg on the Facebook float at a Pride parade over summer)


Dear Dan,

Let's do what you did and take a room full of people and divide them... Let's say the KKK they are a Christian group supposedly.  Now let's divide them on an issue let's say liking liver...  some like it some don't. Yae... Does that mean that they aren't a racist group filled with people that hate blacks, gays, Hispanics, Jews, and anyone that doesn't conform to their "racially pure" White only America?  Not at all, Dan, it just means that some don't like liver and some do... It doesn't change the fact that they are a hate group.  So yes, Dan, if any of the groups official rhetoric is Anti-GLBT equality then they are the ones who painted their group as anti-GLBT not the writer of the article.  And Dan, just so you know, and someday your children will know, all of the groups (note-I said groups not companies) mentioned above have officially put out anti-GLBT messages.  

By painting these groups as exclusively anti-gay hate groups, this article falls into the same trap that these conservative groups do when they speak broadly about LGBT people.  Much like a room full of gay people, these groups are multi-dimensional.  They hold what are often nuanced positions on a number of topics.  As an analogy, let's take this imaginary room full of gay people and separate them into two groups: pro-choice and anti-abortion.  Is Planned Parenthood now obligated to ostracize all gay people because some of this group are anti-abortion?  No Democratic referendum was ever won because one group of people talked exclusively to their friends about the relevant topic. partnering with both liberal and conservative groups on an issue that is profoundly important to human rights in the United States is not a betrayal of any of those groups, it's simply good politicking.

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Without the Gay and Lesbian Community he will be Mister Nobody!!!! So watch your steps, without the Money this Community brings to you you are Nobody so before telling or doing something switch on your Brain Mister sugar mountain!!!!! If the Gay and Lesbian community leaves at Facebook your sitting in the dessert with no one around you that will help you!!!!! then you`re alone there without Friends, but then you have all time of the world to think it over but your now friends will be gone then!!!!! Think before doing stupid things!!!!!

Microsoft & Bill Gates have both been long supporters of the LGBT community, so I'm not sure how they got lumped in with the likes of Wal-Mart and labeled "conservative."

Considering a few of the founders of Facebook are gay, no, Mark Zuckerberg does not get a pass.

Microsoft is homophobic?? Please do your research before spuing stupid shit in your magazine.

What can we do? This is not a rhetorical question. I want to know how to show him this is not acceptable.

What in what way does his joining in them to support immigration reform have to do with us? Two separate issues. It's not like he's giving them money. 

No. He needs to be skewered. Jerk.

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