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Fox News Anchor Shepard Smith's "Muscular" Boyfriend Revealed As Former Subordinate

Whether or not you like the fact that Gawker outed Fox News' Shepard Smith earlier this week, the publication is continuing to roll with the story by revealing the identity of his "muscular" boyfriend. According to Gawker, Smith's beau is 26-year old Penn State grad and Fox Business producer Giovanni "Gio" Graziano. 

According to Gawker, Shepard and Gio met while the recent graduate was working as a production assistant under the anchor on the Fox Report. They apparently didn't attempt to keep their budding relationship secret from the otherwise anti-gay network, often leaving work together, appearing at functions side by side, and frequenting Chelsea bars together. Eventually, Shepard helped Gio transfer to Fox Business as a full fledged producer. 

Gawker's attempts to contact Gio for comment have been wildly unsuccessful:

Reached by telephone, an assignment editor at Fox Business named Howard (who would not supply his last name) told Gawker that Graziano is an employee there, but declined to specify how we could contact him. Colin Small, an associate producer at the channel, refused to confirm whether Graziano remained employed there, telling us before hanging up: “Sorry, I can’t help you. Bye.”

Graziano has not returned multiple emails sent to three different email addresses, a LinkedIn message, five text messages, and three voicemails left on his cell phone. Nor were we able to find him at his last known address, a penthouse suite of an East Village condominium. The building’s doorman said that Graziano moved out “a month and a half ago,” but did not know where he moved. (According to public records, the suite sold for $1,125,000 in mid-September.) Voicemails left with more than a dozen family members and former co-workers went unreturned as well.

Graziano appears to be aware of our attempts to contact him. Not long after we reached out, a 5 minute long reporter reel that he uploaded to YouTube last year, featuring him delivering news reports throughout Manhattan and on the stage sets of America’s News Headquartersand On the Record with Greta van Susteren, was removed from the internet. The video was available on Thursday morning, but was made private a few hours later.

What do you think about Gawker's obsession with Shepard Smith?


Can you please provide evidence or specific examples of Fox News being "anti-gay?"  Not just what you hear from jon stewart or whatever other leftist drivel you hear? 

Fox News is anti-gay. Shep should have a backbone and stand up to it. 

Can you please provide evidence and or specific examples of Fox News being "anti-gay?" 

The only "self loathing homosexuals" are the ones who, on this article and thousands of others like it, condemn others as being self loathing, homophobic and/or self-hating because they are proud enough of who they are and their logic to subscribe to the belief of conservative and republican views. There is no need to try to convince the "educated" elites on here that Fox News is a real news organization nor is there any need to show numbers of how many of the LGBT community voted Republican in the last US Presidential Election (that would be approx 25% for the record). So please take under consideration that it is no more right, respectable, moral, acceptable nor even ethical to (1) out any human being for something they are not ready to yet do ['it get's better' when you are outed before you are ready] and (2) destroying your fellow man with hate filled words and speech.

you are absolutely right! 

why is muscular in quotations? 

Cute, and Shep is cute too, but that they work for Fox ''news'' makes them self-loathing homos who work for an enemy that is against them and the rest of us. Not impressed. Gawker, keep up the good work. The real story is not that he is Shep's boytoy but that they work for a virulent anti-gay company. We deserve to know WHY.

sounds like you have hounded him enough.  let him be.

Not news, though it's unclear why any self-respecting homo would work for Fox News.

So what? Suze Orman's partner works as a producer on her show...this is news??????

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