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University Library Denies Gay Student Laptop Rental For 'Looking Like A Girl'

So apparently being gay can get your library privileges revoked? Florida Atlantic University senior Abdul Asquith was apparently told he couldn't rent a laptop at the university library because the librarian deemed him too effeminate. 

Gay Star News reports:

When he approached the librarian to check out a laptop, he was told he could not because his ID did not fit with how he expresses himself.

He was wearing a khaki shorts, a university hoodie, and had his long hair tied back.

‘She looked at the ID, looked down on it, and said: “You sound, look and act like a girl. And this ID is a man. Therefore I’m not giving you a laptop”,’ Asquith told WPTV.

‘[The ID] looks just like me. I identify with my ID. I wasn’t there dressed up. I didn’t have on any dress. I wasn’t dressed in character.’

Asquith said he was ‘appalled’, ‘distraught’ and ‘embarrassed’ over the situation.

After going through three librarians, he was finally allowed to study using a laptop.

Florida Atlantic University has refused to comment.

Asquith added: ‘If I don’t speak out, who’s going to speak out? People need to speak out every time something like this happens.’

We smell a lawsuit. And let's note that Abdul looks EXACTLY like his ID card.

Just out of curiosity, we wonder if Asquith stayed quiet during this altercation--this being a library and all? We know we would have gotten real loud.

How do you think Florida Atlantic University should handle this situation, Instincters?




If anyone feels like supporting Abdul and demanding action from the University try emailing them at and let them know what you think.


I see a law suit   that is degrading and humiliating ... I've had that shit happen to me when I was young and slight of build ... it was so uncomfortable ... not to mention if the student didnt finish the assignment it could affect their GPA, grant monies, and further education. the university is a state run and state and federally funded business nail their ass to the wall.  No more should we be the ones to take the fall for ignorance of others STAND UP!

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