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Gay Art Student Will Lose His Virginity In Front Of An Audience For Project

My college-level art class projects involved lots of sketching fruit in charcoal on various mediums. One of 19-year old Clayton Pettet's art projects will involve losing his anal sex virginity in a performance art piece in front of a live audience. Did I attend the wrong school?

Clayton (pictured above) will perform "Art School Stole My Virginity" on January 25, 2014. In the piece, he plans to bottom for the first time with a close friend taking the top. 

"The key thing about performance art is that it should only be performed once, and this is the ultimate once-in-a-lifetime performance," Clayton said. 

He adds:

"I've held on to my virginity for 19 years, and I'm not throwing it away lightly. Basically it's like I am losing the stigma around virginity.

"I want the audience to see if anything has changed between me and my partner.

"Since culturally we do hold quite a lot of value to the idea of virginity I have decided to use mine and the loss of it to create a piece that I think will stimulate interesting debate and questions regarding the subject."

Critics include the U.K.'s Lesbian and Gay Christian Movement, whose spokesperson Rev. Sharon Ferguson says that Clayton's gallery performance "cheapens our own sexual relationships."

What do you think of Clayton's upcoming show?

(h/t: Huffpo)



Very good blog, looking forward to sharing more.

Did this happen, and where can you see the results? 

Hey negative nancys just remember worse things have happened on planet Earth.

What a brave concept. I hope you clean out.

This is actually a brilliant way to show how meaningless such a socially constructed "value" really is. This guy's got some guts for making a performance of it. 

this is disgusting and not art...its butt sex

To me it is more artistic and beautiful to hold onto that which God gave us and to only use it in the ways it is designed to be used. This saddens me so much to see that this will attract much attention because it is provocative and daring when in reality it is a poor man doing something that is going to give him an pleasureful exstacy but take away much of the innocence he may have once had. We are all evil beings, we can see that society keeps us in check, but putting things like this in the spotlight is always such a destructive thing to our children and our souls.
To have people watch this live is in my eyes a tragic act of prostitution.
I wouldn't put this man down anymore for doing this as a gay man than as a straight art student. It is abusing his virginity completely. Sex is only a medium of beauty and art when it is used in a way to bring glory to God, that is, when it is used the way it is designed. On a stage in front of an audience is not beautiful art in my mind. I am sorry that most of us cannot see that this is not what it is designed for :(

Generating this much discussion and controversy pretty much defines this as art.

Are tickets available for this performance?

he is over 18. therefore he is an adult and has the right to perform anything he wants to about it, with consent, which there is consent. think realistically people!

There isn't anything necessarily wrong with this except that he is calling it "art."  It's not art.  There is a word for this and it's not "avant-garde."

Freaking go for it. It's his body and it's his project. Deal with it. Your negative opinions are irrelevant.

DO IT! (send me the streaming link!)


I dont think thats actually legal

Please site the law which, in your opinion, disallows that. Or are you just blowing the smoke out of your... virgin ears?

Hot. I can dig it. Where can we buy tickets? :)

Beautiful and expressive snapshot of intimacy that he can preserve.  In addition, he can 'educate' other teens as to the pros and cons of intimate acts shared in this format.  We have a huge amount of youngsters already pushing the envelope with porn-for-pay on their computers, i.e. pay their way through college. 


Performance Art is a beautiful thing.... as long as it is done in with a purpose!

And in this case, Clayton has an amazing reason to back it up.

SO, I'm a little baffled by so many people having a problem with it. Especially from fellow gay guys, I think it's sort of disgusting to make it out like he's some sort of sleazy little kid or an attention seeker. And anyway, so what if he is! Love the art, not the artist! I honestly can't wait to see this and I can't wait for the debate to commence.

Anyone who has a problem with this clearly doesn't understand art with a purpose at all. Go wank off to some dirty gay porno you little twats.

I already did that.

Now I'll be waiting, dick in hand, to wank to this kid being buttfucked - I've never wanked watching art before... Well, perhaps maybe some Tom of Finland, it's sort of art...

(a kid taking it up the ass is a kid taking it up the ass... if "having a purpose" is waht makes it art, then every daily action is art: I'm not really working, it's a performance; I'm not really on cam4: it's a videoperformance; my bedroom doesn't need cleaning: it's an installation...)(for fuckssake, where do you draw a limit? shooting someone in the face? eating someone? (actually, I think some dutch guys tried this one 2 or 3 yrs ago...) you don't draw a line, at all? every shit is art? (it is - duchamp... done)

Soooooooooooo what makes it art and not live porn?

Good question.  




  1. 1.

    printed or visual material containing the explicit description or display of sexual organs or activity, intended to stimulate erotic rather than aesthetic or emotional feelings.

The difference is actually in the intent.  If this piece were performed in an adult theater where the main purpose was to sexually stimulate the audience, it would be pornography.  
Since the stated purpose here is art, then it is not pornography.

Some audience members may be sexually stimulated but that does not make it pornography.  As an example, there may be some individuals that have an erotic fascination with horses yet that does not make the Kentucky Derby porn.  

And jeez, it's been done to death in porn. Like all deflowerings, this one is only going to be interesting to the participants.

Dreadful, sickening, sad. Here's hoping it doesn't work.

Being that this is Clayton's "first time" bottoming, I fear that he is truly unprepared for what's to come (pun intended). Sexually speaking, I hope he has practiced with sex toys. I also hope he cleans himself properly before performing. Accidents do happen & we seriously don't want a public spectacle to draw attention to the wrong thing. My other concerns are; what will happen if he or his male counterpart becomes stage frightened or doesn't perform to full completion? Will that effect his grade? Will they be practicing safe sex? Is there crowd control against others wishing to join or interupt? And, according to another article, apparently the artist has yet to tell his parents. What would happen if his parents paid him a visit?

I support his creativity. But really, is this art? If so, prepare for other "art galleries" & "theatrical performances" throughout the country. This will definitely draw that proverbial line of what is & isn't accepted. 

i think it was performance art when o.j. cut them two peoples heads off

There's got to be something ELSE going on besides the public sex to make it art...(in my opinion). And just because it's shocking and controversial, doesn't make it a brilliant, conceptual think/discussion piece, does it? Having said that, this guy is free to do as he pleases, obviously. 

I'm going to smear shit all over my body and call it art, and who are you to tell me it's not? My favorite art projects include Debbie Does Dallas and the repair job of the pot hole on the street I live on. Any talentless hack can produce "art" these days. Making a sex tape isn't art; if you think it is, then you're an idiot and probably a hipster.

Lol at my art school Someone took a shit then picked it up and smeared it on themselves. This was like 20 years ago before I went though...

Well damn... so much for my original idea. Back to the drawing board. Maybe I could orchestrate a drone strike on some tribal village in Waziristan and call that art. I would imagine the changes in my art project would be more profound than the ones that this guy is planning.

I think you meant Turdistan!  

That is too selfless to do such a thing and give away such precious moment!

wow and I usually keep my mouth shut and I don't know any of these people commenting besides you here it goes --- WHO THE FUCK ARE WE TO JUDGE OR EVEN COMMENT. And then us gays are asking people to be more open minded towards our "unconventional" lifestyle in the society and open to the concept of homo weddings, having kids and butt sex. I get that taking the specifics into account being gay and doing this boys art project seem so different and can argue about it but when you take it to the ground level it's all about accepting what makes others happy and inspired, without us putting our selfish "not accepting" and "not matching to my world view" judgement into it. 

Then we as a society ask why are Americans more extreme and bigoted towards the unknown and different. Like Westboro Baptist, for example --- they are doing just fine. They still have very strong followers, yes not that many, but they still exist... They get ungodly amount of press and that allows them to be accessed and noticed by almost all 300 million Americans, maybe even internationally, which exposes them to more people who donate money and carry on their crazy and nasty message, because it's COOL to be different. Being extreme gets you noticed and the louder, more bigoted and obnoxious you can be the more press you'll get. Well, if you keep telling that to society 24/7 then sure, sign me up I want to be cool and extreme --- because everyone wants to be noticed and shine and have their 15 minutes of fame.

Maybe he is trying to say something with his extreme experimental art to find at least one person who gets him and sees it as he sees it. So all of us are the creators of this so called art piece. We, as a society have created that. 
For me the ACT itself makes perfect sense and I am looking it from the not being raised in the US side. He is just simply a very dramatic/outrageous shot for the 15 minutes of fame because he wants to be cool and I think he is also trying to push our open mindedness and acceptance levels. On top all of that he has got some freaking balls, because he truly must believe in himself and also in his work to do something like that. 

We as gays can't ask acceptance from the community if we are haters ourselves of the unknown. Yes, this doesn't make much sense on the art level, at least for me, but who am I to judge him. So we as part of the society need to applaud something about this piece and take the positive away from this. He is not mentally/physically hurting or killing anyone. We need to take the "I" away from the whole concept and just be as accepting and open minded as we can, even though we will never live our lives like he is . 

I am just truly disgusted how judgmental people are without anyone having the right to judge in the first place. Get hell down from your rainbow, glitter bomb unicorns. I am sure all of us have done some maybe questionable things in the eyes of the majority. Hell, someone is still not OK us being simply gay and we can tell them as many times how "normal" and loving it is for us to put our dicks into our butts and why one has a problem with us gays just for being happy and proud of who we are. But that selfish and bigoted "I" gets in the way. At one point it took one person to change the perspective of us gays, so why aren't we the role models since we know how it feels to be hated and judged for doing something that simply makes us happy, without mentally/physically hurting anyone else. So stop rolling our own problems and issues with this and simply be there for this kid and be happy for him because he obviously is so happy doing this and it means something to him even deeper that we could ever understand. I think that right there is simply so fragile and beautiful. Also, be there for him if something goes bad or wrong or he needs a shoulder to cry on because it sucks when people don't get your happiness and judge it based on their own lives. As a fully happy and proud homosexual myself, I see it as an opportunity to show others how it's done because we can't just sit down and start to demand something without making the first steps ourselves --- Just simply because it makes us HAPPY, being full forced grindr, bathhouse glory hole, butt sex loving homos, doesn't mean rest of the society that they should accept us and be open minded.It simply doesn't show good enough of a reason for everyone because the majority is afraid they will start loving grindr, bathhouses and anal sex if they will accept and be open minded about us gays. We need to show them how it's done and show them that accepting and being open minded about an individual, with no judgment, who wants to loose his virginity in a glass box and call it an art doesn't change us to go in a glass box and loose our virginity in front of an audience. 

All of this is just so hypocritical. If, I would be any of the commentators above and took a deeper look in the mirror, I would just vomit all over my Gucci loafers because my consciousness wouldn't let me to be so hateful and shitty. 

By saying all of this is not out of judgment but hoping at least one of you would wake up and change the picture and also the person that looks back in that pretty mirror of yours. Peace out, crawling to my gay bed next to my beautiful gay husband:-) Judge me for it.



I never do understand why people go into comments sections to rant about the action of commenting and how they think others don't have a right to do so if it's anything but flowery and supportive.

The existence of this article means we're entitled to judge.  The existence of this comment section means we're entitled to comment.  Our very existence means we're entitled to formulate an opinion.  It's just that simple.

You have judged those whose opinion you feel is wrong and seen good to comment on it.  Don't start it off by condemning them for doing it first.  It's not that they're not entitled to be disgusted or outraged or think this is bullshit - and, FYI, when it comes to modern art, opinions are always divided and rarely do we as a species gather to congratulate the artist for their work - it's just that you disagree with the opinion they're expressing.  So you yourself get to express your opinion.

Ta da!

Seriously though.  This guy's claiming it to be a piece of art.  People will criticise or praise as they see fit.  Feel free to argue against them but don't act like an ass by telling them not to judge or comment when you clearly can't show them the same courtesy by judging them and then commenting on it.

Oh do tell when it became that only gay's had the right to speak their minds...please do tell!

He's saying "EVERYONE" has the right to speak up, but what he's disgusted with is the obvious bigotry and hate that everyone has to bring into their thoughts about a matter. Just because we don't agree with something doesn't make us right or wrong, but it does make it a point that we should learn to agree to disagree. And while you're there, sir or madam, perhaps you should remember that sarcasm is the tool of those not clever enough to have an intellectual, rational discussion. I wish you the best, sir.

Preach on brother-man.  Everyone judges, but we can choose to keep it to ourselves.  This is going to happen and it will be interesting and then the world will keep spinning just as it did.

I bet he was highh when he thought it was artistic. I remember being that young and high and you swear you're an overnight philosopher of the Plato caliber. Lol

What an amazing concept for a performance art piece. I would love to see this not just for the change that might occur between the performers. But for the change the awakening brings the virgin himself.

Art is in the eye of the beholder.  I applaud Jake for doing this.  I hope it goes well.  One thing is certain, his experience will last forever.  Can you imagine what the model for Michelangelo's "David" would say if he knew that his naked body has been viewed by millions of people for hundreds of years?

Don't you mean, "Art is in the brown eye of the beholder?"

To compare a twink having sex for an audience to a time-tested genius like Michelangelo is just ridiculous. 

I am not going to write a thesis voicing my thoughts about his decision.  Because, what I or others think about what he chooses to do with his life are irrelevant. However, I do have a problem with the negative and preposterous attention it is going to cast yet once again against the entire gay community. I understand the need to be bold and express yourself. But, there are fine lines of decency that anyone.. gay, staight, bi, etc. should not be crossing and especially out in public. I mean, if you want to express this, then do so in our own community. For example, a bath house where that type of behavior is expected. Or join the Adult Film Industry.

Is he truly harming anyone? Or just our comfort level?

"I've held on to my virginity for 19 years, and I'm not throwing it away lightly."

Wow.  NINETEEN whole years!  He's held on to his virginity for his ENTIRE (not-yet-even-out-of-his-teens) life!  Get out the record books and prepare the Nobel Prize!

Maybe when he's older, has lived a few life lessons, he'll realize that there's a BIG difference between ART and a STUNT -- and that losing one's virginity would have been something much more meaningful if done in private and not on a stage for attention.

"I want the audience to see if anything has changed between me and my partner."

Right.  But to do that -- IF that was REALLY his purpose in all of this -- the audience would have to already fully KNOW this 19-year-old kid and his partner, and have an intimate understanding of their relationship.  Oh, wait.  I get it.  He's of the age and mindset that he feels the whole world already DOES know him.  SHOULD know him!!  Ah, the "me-ness" of youth!

Someday he'll wish he'd made more of his mistakes with brushes on canvass -- instead of with his exhibitionist persona on a stage...


THANK YOU! Precisely my thoughts!!!

I'm with "Anonymous"    : )

Your response is the most sensible thing on this page!  This "artist" is still a child! He is not even old enough to have a drink. I hope someone will talk him out of sharing, what should be, a highly personal experience .... with a room full of strangers.


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