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New Church Looks Like A Giant Penis From Above

Updated October 31, 12:30 p.m. pst

At least the congregation has a sense of humor about their newfound Internet fame! In a status update posted to the church's Facebook page, its moderators write: "Giant fig leaf coming soon."

We salute you, Dixon church. Well done. 


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A new Christian Science Church in Dixon, Illinois (yes, Dixon) has gifted the heavens with quite the view.

Though the church remains nondescript at ground-level, the congregations' new gathering place takes on an entirely different and distinct shape when viewed from above, whether you're looking down from plane, satellite or Pearly Gates. 

It even has its own bush!

It all starts to make some sort of cosmic sense when you take a look at the congregation's slogan: "Rising up." 

Rising up, indeed. 

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Still ... even with all the lube of the universe  ... the churches material won't enter a guy with some common sense !!

Just think what fundamentalists would say if it had been an MCC church.  (LOL)

so the building on the left is the Asshole of the Universe

It can only be a Christian Science Church...

it needs a little more "rise" and it appears to be a bit limp. But then church will do that to ya! LOL

At least they have a good sense of humor about it...

The church just posted on their Facebook page--Christian Science Dixon:

"Giant fig leaf coming soon.​" :)

The Church being a penis wow haven't they always been a DICK anyway?

The Church being a penis wow haven't always been a DICK anyway?

I'm blessed!!!

Build a fountain on the corner by the intersection!

Haha Brilliant

It has to be a "St Peter"!  With such a phallic symbol, it only makes perfect sense to worship on your knees at Saint Peter! :)

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