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Priests Strip Down For Sexy 2014 Orthodox Calendar Shoot (NSFW-ish)

Forgive us Father for we have SINNED!!!

The 2014 Orthodox Calendar has arrived and these priests (or "priests") have all of us getting down on our knees in prayer! 

This year's calendar is apparently in support of marriage equality. So, ya know, good cause!!

Here's video of the making of the 2014 calendar--and a taste of what else you can expect in the pics below!!


You can purchase your 2014 Orthodox Calendar here


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The immorality of the naked body is just a concept created by humans.Close minde people -_-

Calm your tits.

If priests looked like this, Sundays would see a packed house at churches around the world :-)

True Story!

Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord.

You spelled cum wrong.

LOL! As if there are any orthodox priests without that long beard, or sans body hair and has tan lines??

WOW!!! these priests have been well exercised...

As a priest myself, I approve these pictorials.

I think my dick just did a Hosannah in the Highest! 

I think I was just saved

Yeah. Met one of these guys. Sure, he got undressed. But there was this big black dot that blocked me from seeing his ass and dick. Hate it when that happens.

wow!, female here, these so-called gays are absolutely h-o-t!!! 

A bunch of nelly homosexuals -zzzzzzzzzzzzz

get a life you damn bigot!  And thanks for implying that all GORGEOUS men are homosexuals 

said by a woman wh has to use her husbands name ...but it didn't stop you form viewing! Go get a hetro life.



Gorgeous bullshit

Beautiful all areas 

The Warwick Rowers are MUCH hotter!

Wow. Buff half naked men laying around. What a new concept.

Disappointing, this type of thing always is. Once you take away the props you always end up with typical porn actors, with typical porn bodies and typical tattoos. Any illusion is instantly distroyed.

very true.




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