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Heart It Or Hate It: Will Eminem's Anti-Gay Speech Keep You Away From His New 'Monster' Track w/ Rihanna?

Eminem's just released his latest collaboration with Rihanna, "The Monster." Should be great right? We had "Love The Way You Lie" on repeat. 

Unfortunately Em's latest foray into lyrical homophobia is making it difficult for us to enjoy.  

What about you, Instincters?

Is Eminem's bizarre hate speech keeping you from embracing his music--including collaborations with RiRi?

Heart it or hate it?


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however I do like the single with Ri, and as far as everybody saying he doesn't mean faggot in the way we're taking it I really don't care, he has consistently made fun of gays in his not so thinly veiled manner and gotten passes for it for whatever reason with a sound byte for any given media engine. And as for Elton John being okay with Em's habitual slur, I don't base my opinions on an eccentric Englishman believe it or not.

I won't be buying his album for sure, I try to avoid lining pockets of the opposition

I use to be a fan of Em's, but I can't tolerate hate from anyone. Especially from someone with such a diverse questionable background. I guess it's ok to do drugs and hit women, but no ok to love another of the same sex.. WTF?

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