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Rabbi Bans Soy Because It Makes You Gay

Soy makes you gay? Someone send a tofu burger in the direction of Jake Gyllenhaal please. 

According to Heeb Magazine (via Your Jewish Newsa rabbi from the ultra-orthodox Gur hasidic sect has allegedly declared that eating soy leads to “gay sexual activity” and has:

…ordered students to stay away from any food containing soy because even eating a soy based product just once a week can cause unwanted arousal.

Officials at the school believe that soy based products contain harmful hormones that damage the spirituality of students by accelerating sexual maturity.

We now believe that soy should become a regular part of every man's diet plan.

*We reserve the right to decide which men should NOT get any soy to eat.*



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FACT: Soy products increase estrogen levels and decrease production of testosterone. There have been several studies. Google it. Doesn't make you gay though..

this story was proven to be a hoax report by a fake person even before Instinct posted it. where is your journalistic integrity guys? there is no citation or even a source! for all the claims of people loving science and facts, you didnt even look to see if there was any truth to the rumor. the reprinted information all comes from tabloid sites, and goes back to one main hoax-alt named “Shifra Unger,” which in tern that was reposted by a Slate copy editor. such irresponsibility undermines the honest dialogue that we are making within our chassidic communities. there is no reason for such chassidim to come to the table to talk to us when they are being mocked. unfortunately the only thing this story is teaching people is how ignorant people are in general, but in this case it is not the religious people.

If that is him pictured in the above photo, his biceps made me gay(er)!

soy produces estrogen in the human body

Oh, and someone should tell the rabbi it's nuts not soy, haha.

And the craziest nut award goes to...

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