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Pro-Gay Diver Jack Laugher Has Us Questioning Our Tom Daley Loyalties!

Be careful Tom Daley--there's another British diver that's coming for your gay fans!

Jack Laugher is testing our Daley loyalties with a cheeky charm, pro-LGBT stance, and that body that won't quit. He covers December's Gay Times magazine and had some colorful (and complimentary) comments for Daley and his gay fanbase.

He tells GT: "Tom Daley is nice and tanned, and that draws in quite a gay following. Tom’s poses are pretty questionable though! At the end of the day people might laugh at them, but if I do well I can laugh back! Tom and [fellow diver] Chris [Mears] both look good. So good. They’re very handsome lads.”

As for the LGBT community, Laugher is very firm on where he stands on homophobia in sports, saying: “It should be absolute – if you say something that can be offensive … like racism [or] insulting gay people, [there] should be an instant ban or some kind of penalty so it just doesn’t happen.”

Laugher notes that diving in particular is especially welcoming, “With diving it doesn’t really matter – you’ve got the middle-aged women and young girls anyway, and then gay men. That’s the entire fan base, and that following would be supportive.”

Yeah, Jack's definitely getting our full support.

Your move, Daley!

Does Jack Laugher meet your approval, Instincters?


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I feel like such a creeper. :D

What happened to his armpit hair???

Move over, Tom - here comes Jack!

No, really honey, move over... there's room.

A lovely fellow, and when he comes out jubilation will reign. Imagine him and Tom Daley in a pxxn movie ;-)

Of course yes!!! He is so cute, so handsome, so sweet :3 

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