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Teacher Fired After Telling Students "Hitler Wasn't All Bad ... He Killed The Gays"

David McNally, a teacher in at Kilwinning Academy in Scotland, has been let go from his helm of a Religious Education class after making shocking comments in front of his young students. 

According to his pupils, McNally went on a pro-Nazi tirade. "Hitler wasn't all bad," he admits to saying,"he killed the Jews, the gays and the disabled."

Students complained to parents about the nasty remarks immediately, which then prompted action from the General Teaching Counsel. During the hearing, McNally admitted to the remarks and was found by a panel to be unfit for teaching. 

He blames the ordeal on having a particularly bad day—a day that was apparently so bad that he also admitted to asking students if they had sex over the weekend and telling them that he enjoys watching porn on his mobile phone. 

Bad day, huh? When we have bad days we binge on American Horror Story and a pint of Ben & Jerry's instead of suggesting that kids support the genocide of gays, Jews and the disabled. 

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I'm glad he got fired.

he boosts Hitler and talks about porn on his mobile with I'm assuming high school age students and everybody wants to talk about gays are evil child molesters...ok

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