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Full Frontal Nude Pic Of Sexy U.K. Reality Star Spencer Matthews Leaks

Spencer Matthews, one of the star's of the United Kingdom's hit reality series Made In Chelsea, is "absolutely gutted" that a full frontal nude picture displaying him in the buff has leaked online. 

Apparently, a woman Spencer slept with wanted proof of their encounter and snapped the image to share with friends. Being 2013, it didn't take long before the candid shot was everywhere on the Internet. 

Twitter user @NotBasedVicky is the first to bring the image online, writing, "Didn't believe my mate slept with him so got this photo as proof. Lol @SpencerGeorgeM sorry hun."

(head to ONTD for the full image)

Spencer has refused to comment on the picture, but sources tell MailOnline, "He's absolutely gutted that this has got out and will probably be thinking twice before trusting people again. At the end of the day, he's a young guy having fun - but he never expected that something like this would happen."

Though we think Spencer certainly has nothing to be embarrassed about after seeing the photo, we can't even imagine the anger he must feel after the photographer sneaked a souvenir of their time together.

(Via ONTD)



Ok, first: I'm not sure these pics are of the same guy, but I don't watch the show, so others impressions are probably more valid.

Second, NO ONE has to be embarrassed by the lot they drew in the genetic lottery. Yes, he seems to have a decent cock, but he apparently doesn't use in honorably-- and that SHOULD cause him embarrassment.

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