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'Best Vacations Ever' Apologizes After Denying Las Vegas Room To Gay Couple

Tim Seeling and Dan England have spent most of the week enraged. After being offered a Las Vegas time-share vacation deal from Best Vacations Ever (provided by Preferred Guest Resorts) over the phone, the couple took some time to think the offer over before calling the company back earlier this week to go ahead and book. 

What happened next harkened back to an older time when society wasn't as evolved as we know it to be in 2013. 

"Today, Dan phoned them to book it," Tim wrote on Facebook. "They were most helpful until he said the 2nd person was named Tim. They asked if that was a male? Seriously? She said, "Please hold a moment." After 5 minutes or so, she came back on line and said, "I'm so sorry, we don't allow same sex couples to use the Vegas vacation offer."

Though they were understandably flabbergasted by their deplorable treatment at the hands of Best Vacations Ever reps, the couple continued to speak to different agents with the company in the hopes of finding someone who could help. 

"We have spent the entire day in shock," he continued. "Dan talked to 3 people at the company. I talked to another 3 people there. There is nothing to be done. They do not consider "co-habitating couples" to be within their demographic for potential time share sales, so we are not allowed. We cancelled our 'membership' immediately." 

Days later and after social network attention and complaints left on the company's page, a higher level Best Vacations Ever rep emailed the couple. 

Tim writes:

Update on Vacation saga. In spite of 6 different people emphatically stating that they would not book a reservation for us in Las Vegas. I received this e-mail moments ago. By the way, many of you have posted on the company's web site! Thank you. It at least got their attention and that is the point of this entire mess. Who knows, maybe we'll even get them to zoom into this century and use the term sexual orientation instead of preference. 

First and foremost I would like to express my most sincere apologies on behalf of the company for the way in which this matter was handled. Allow me to clear the air for you at this time.

In addressing Dan's request for reservations to our Las Vegas destination our customer care agent made a mistake, and informed Dan that he was unable to travel to Las Vegas due to his sexual preference. That information was entirely inaccurate. We accept all couples regardless of their sexual preference. We do not at this point, nor have we ever prevented a guest/couple from traveling to one of our properties due to their sexual preference. That is not our policy.

If you and Dan can find it in your hearts to forgive us for this huge error, and ultimately to give us another chance, we can assure you that we will do everything in our power to bring you back to the point in which you were at when you initially agreed to this purchase, as we are able to fulfill your package exactly as we initially promised intended to do.

Please advise;

Kenneth Branch

Preferred Guest Resorts

Quality Assurance Manager

407-215-2099 (Extension 22335)

Do you think the Quality Assurance Manager did enough to smooth the discriminatory incident over and redeem Best Vacations Ever's name?


Thanks for sharing this nice info expect some more in near future.

In reading this article and realizing that there were a total of at least 6 different Persons/Agents spoken too at the Company and that Not a SINGLE One took the Time to get a MANAGER or SUPERVISOR On the phone to speak with the clients regarding this situation is a Total Disregard for ANY and ALL Present and Future Clients/Members!!   I think that the 2 should Sue the Company, In this time and Age where Saying certain things to a Person, say if they were a Potential Employee, regarding their Sexual Preference could and Does Cost Companies Serious Money with a Lawsuit.  I am sure that this is not the First time this situation has come to Light, Say that the Persons Involved were just Friends & Not in Fact a "CO-Habitating" Couple, What would the Response have been then?  Just because the Names are Both Male does not indicate that they are not indicating their Sexual Preference towards another male.  It is very irresponsible of a Company to Have their "AGENTS/REPRESENTATIVES" make assumptions as they do.  It is time for Companies that are Advertising and providing services to wake up and to come into a NEW CENTURY and realize that there are more than 1 type of FAMILY  out there.  

They should not have withdrawn their membership and instead sued the shit out of this hypocritical, discriminatory company!

That is a lame apology letter. They blame their own agent, misrepresent what she actually said, and never address what actually happened in those five minutes on hold in which she came back to turn down the customer. Of course there's a policy. Maybe it's not in writing, but there it was in action.

I think it's ironic that they always want to 'patch' things up afterwards! Boikot them

Is that like a boycott?

Agreed 100% with Tim re: "zoom into this century and use the term sexual orientation instead of preference."

I'd like to know "how" it happened + who is going to be held accountable and how. If they spoke to three people at the company that gave the same tired discriminatory line, and now they are flipping story re their policy - I want to see their policy, when it was enacted, and what steps the Preferred Guest Resorts / Best Vacations Ever are taking in lieu of this blatant discriminatory action. 

I also would like to see a detailed explanation from someone higher than a manager.

Prior to that - I'm not even going to consider a redemption.

I think they should also get a FREE TRIP to EUROPE......................courtesy of Preferred Guests Resorts!!!

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