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Gospel Artist Kevin Terry Exposed In Sex Tape Leak (NSFW)

Kevin Terry of 'Kevin Terry and the Predestined' (an up-and-coming gospel group) has been caught in the midst of a sex tape leak featuring him performing oral sex on an unidentified male. And let us tell you, it appears that in the 47 second video the rapture is coming and Terry truly believes he has exactly one minute to save the world.

We guess that after saying "A-men" so much, the lord really heard his prayer?!

See the very much NSFW video by going here and scrolling down to the bottom of the page.

Since the video's leak, Terry has responded with the following via Facebook:


And the reaction via Facebook comments has been nothing short of comical. See a couple of our favorites here:


Quick tip: no matter how good it is, keep your eyes open (or from rolling into the back of your head) next time, sweetie! You never know who's recording.

To our knowledge, Terry hasn't come out as gay and doesn't speak openly about his personal life in the bedroom. And personally, we think there's nothing wrong (or contradictory) with being gay, Christian and having sex (whether on video or not). But what say you Instincters, was Kevin deceptive in his actions by not living more open and authentically in regard to his sexuality?


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Brother Terry...leave his seemingly tortured soul alone...I'm referring to YOU PEOPLE. But I wish he would address the contractions inherent in the profession of Christianity and the practice of homosexuality, as I infer he sees none, which is fine, as I don't---but so many in the 'christian-lifestyle' see hypocrisy. How does he intellectually square the two? He has to address this or THOSE PEOPLE, those christians, will crucify him. 

His technique could use improvement, though.

No matter who sings about it, who preaches about it, the bottom line, those that do those things to loudest are most likely the ones that are doing something  on the "downlow"!  Dozens of famous evangelist preachers, Priest, Rabbi's and other "religious people" along with Boy Scout leaders, Republicans, Choir Directors, Teachers, Doctors and Lawyers, they ALL are "doing it" in private!  

Paraphrase what William Shakesphere said, me thinks the person doth protest too much!   

As written in the Gospel of Gaga "God makes no mistakes."

Seriously we need a gay (progressive moderate) Christian artist out there without any self loathing. Basically, we need another Steve Grand.

He looks very happy doing what he is doing. Being and acting gay is no sin. May he keep on enjoying what God has made.

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