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Hump Day Hottie: Colton Ford Gives Us "All My Love"

You might want to take some Dramamine before pressing play on hot daddy Colton Ford's newest music video, "All My Love." If you still get vertigo from all the sexy spinning the naked heartthrob does on a princess canopied bed, not too worry; simply fix your gaze upon one of Colton's twelve abs and let him serenade you into stability. 

Coincidentally, the smile plastered on Colton's face in the above screenshot will likely resemble the one on your gorgeous mug after you finish watching the video!


His "singing" career always relies on his look. He should just stick to doing porn since thats all this video basically was anyway!!!


Who keeps Recording this Guy as an Artist??? At Best he is a Cover Singer... At Best... Comments above are Spot on...

It Is More About Him Being Nude and Hunky... Pornoesque... Than anything about Him Singing...


That may be the worst ever recorded.  I would rather listen to Rebecca Black.

Why not just do porno music videos?  His white sheets are mere inches away from being full frontal, I mean really.  Porn stars can't cross over....Ever!

I couldn't get past 45 seconds, I don't care how good he (allegedly) looks.

That's really really awful. Like, fire that director and take away the camera awful.

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