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Primal Instinct: Photographer Kevin D. Hoover Shows Us Why Gingers Are More Fun

Brooklyn based photographer, Kevin D. Hoover, gave us the perfect Sunday treat with a recent photoshoot featuring model, dancer, LGBT activist — and ginger — Seth Fornea.

Here's what Kevin shared with us about his photoshoot with Seth:

Seth is an amazing mix of mischievous boy next door and rugged alpha male. He oozes sex appeal even when he's not trying and is one of the nicest guys you'd ever want to meet. We're shooting again when he gets back to NYC.

All we know is that Seth has a serious bubble butt going on. Maybe redheads are more fun?! Regardless, no complaints from us — this is just enough to carry us over until hump-day!

Enjoy the pics below and to check out more of Kevin's work, head on over to his NSFW tumblr page.







You're welcome!


(h/t: MIX Brasil)




I love Seth all over :)

Seth is a pretty awesome guy, and has an amazing body.  He is one hot ginger!

So damn beautiful*_*

Seth always been hot, but the it seems he is getting hotter. Seth I am calling you and taking you out to Legends

Now lets see you without that underwear. Nothing but hard on and a smile.

I have to agree with the comment on Instinct Facebook, "Beautiful model ruined by amateur photography". The photography looks so horrible. I'm surprised this model would work with tht guy. 

I loves me a Ginger Bear!!!

fantastic i cant take my eyes off, a dream of a men

Blessed be He who created ginger men in His own Image, I hated red hair as a kid, and now, I feel so very Blessed to still have plenty in certain places !!.. Thank you for sharing this wonder "creature" with us. !


All the gingers I've known had serious bubble butts.  It must be part of the same gene.

WOW!!!! HOT MAN!!!!!!

Seth: You are giving the rest of us a heart attack seeing you this way! Love that killer ass of yours along with everything else. The ginger is just icing on the cake...

I've never seen a Ginger naked before. I had a Crush on a Ginger but I never got to see him as a Man. The Crush was during my early Teens




Very true. As long as they are hung. I have

So do I, but who wouldn't love them when they look like gods!

Love ginger men. With big cocks.

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