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Couple Sues Gov. Chris Christie Because They Can't Force Their Teen Into Ex-Gay Therapy

A mom and dad in New Jersey have filed a lawsuit against Gov. Chris Christie over the state's lauded ban of using the outstandingly discredited "ex gay therapy" on minors. The parents, who remain unnamed in the press for now, are upset that the law prohibits them from forcing their gay 15-year old son into the dangerous (and often deadly) program, and claim their free speech and religious liberties are being violated. 

The suit goes on to reveal that the parents claim their young son is suicidal due to unwanted gender identity issues and same-sex attraction. 

Gov. Christie signed the ban on "conversion therapy" into law back in August.  "I believe that exposing children to these health risks without clear evidence of benefits that outweigh these serious risks is not appropriate,” he said at the time. 

(Source: PinkNews)



Oh my god no ex gay therapy. Next they will be saying that we can't shoot people in the streets. or that we can't where white sheets with pointed hoods. what is the world coming to. I'm dreading the day when there is world peace and everyone gets along personally speaking.

The kid is fucking suicidal because of his crazy religious parents disapproving his sexuality! They are the reason he is depressed. 

My religion tells me I can beat my children if they mouth off at me, and I can starve them to death if I don't like them.  How dare the government interfere with my religious freedom by telling me I can't.  

So their reaction is ex-gay therapy instead of actual therapy to combat his suicidal thoughts?

The parents should be sued for child-abuse. The abuse is mental obviously, but in my opinion the state has enough evidence to sue the parents, just because of their actions. This couple isn't qualified to raise a child. The child should be placed else where; somewhere the child will feel save and loved just for who is, and not hated for who he loves, or will love.

This poor child is suicidal most likely due to his crazy parents!

If they wish to 'banish' his 'gayness,' then perhaps they should banish him entirely.  New Jersey is a really small state.  There's nowhere in the state of NJ more than 2 hours away from somewhere that allows such quackery.

Take the kid away from these dangerous parents who want to put their son in danger of being raped and tortured and are making him suicidal.

I agree!

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