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Shirtless NC State Wolfpack Jock Twerks In Locker Room

Baseball is officially our new favorite sport. Earlier today it was Brad Ausmus made us want to get to first base, and now NC State Wolfpack's John Mangum is inspiring us to sing "Take Me Out To The Ballpark."

The hunky collegiate star took over teammate Brett Austin's Vine to give us an master's course in locker-room twerking. 

You're welcome. 


Best 18 seconds of my life. (I watched it 3 times.)


A h/t would be cool since you're using my exact screengrab, lol. But yes, you have good taste! :)

Two very enthusiastic thumbs up! Fine holiday fun!

DAMN!!!!! delicious 

This "dance" says NOTHING about his (or anyone's) sexuality.   If you watch this and get aroused, then maybe YOURE the gay one.   

I want some!

Why is it that any man that can dance is automatically considered gay? You're gay because you see this and he makes you question your sexuality. Be true to yourself. 

I want that ass

Gay or not he did the damn thing! I thought it was better the Miley's! 

Power bottom but still really sexy I'd hit it

Damn! Love that Ass!

I want him as my new wife

gay dance

Who is suddenly moist?

Moist starfish

Me!! I'm drenched!!! :D

I hear that

He's so cute :D

I can't decide what is sexier.  That twerking ass of those Carolina Blue socks in the Wolfpack locker room!

I can't decide what is sexier.  That twerking ass or those Carolina Blue socks in the Wolfpack locker room!

Haha! here's another one he made.

he is definitly gay... it's ok peeps, there are gay men in town.


Yes cause all the gays play football. 


Come over here and say that, you little Twerker!

dinner is served


I am gayer for having watched this.

Good lord, I'm all hot and bothered now.

I think I' m in love!

I feel gay suddenly...and also sorta like a top...

if you know what a top is you are already gay....

Yes hunny, what she mean suddenly?

ahahaha.... love it!

Buffett! All you can eat ;)

You mean BUTTfett


yall need to BEHAVE lol


HA! that's the vibe he's setting

Seeing this actually made me more gay

It actually made the whole planet a little more gay...

stop twerking and start wanking please.


Wanna eat that ass up!!!

VERY NICE!   His friends should follow suit.

Omg yummy would love to be on the receiving end of that twerk!

Baby got back!!!!

The front ain't so bad either!  Got a six pack AND a beefy twerkable butt!  MMmmm--mmmmm!


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