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Hawaii Police Union Prez: 'You Will Have To Kill Me' Before I Enforce Same-Sex Marriage Laws

Since it looks like marriage equality is on its way to passing in Hawaii, we're thinking Hawaii Police Union President Tenari Maafala better get ready to submit his resignation.

The President of the State of Hawaii Organization of Police Officers (pictured, right) says there's no way he'll enforce same-sex marriage laws.

"The day I retire and bills like this are introduced, I will never ever honor such law. You will have to kill me to disrespect and dishonor my father in heaven. You will have to kill me to impose these type of laws upon my children and my nieces and nephews."

Honolulu Civil Beat writes:

Maafala said the state has more important issues to address, such as homelessness and drugs, and that denying gay couples the right to marry is not discrimination if it’s against your beliefs.

“I stand by my beliefs,” Maafala said.

Enjoy retirement, Maafala. 


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We're still paying for the missionary work on the natives in Hawaii!

First of all he is not Hawaiian he's a Tongan, and an immigrant to Hawaii, Hawaiians curturally dont have an issue with homsexuality, in fact its a well accepted part of our culture,This is the work of Morman church, they polluted native Tongans with there hate mongoring well before They did there evel work on Hawai''i Nei.

Why do straight people feel that they should benefit from same sex marriages? How do the "majority" have anything to do with the minority?  

People are extrapolating an individual's rights to marry whom ever they want, to how it effects them and their beliefs and how it takes away from their religious freedoms. What about my beliefs?  These people already have their freedoms.... I just want mine too

To Anonymous who wrote that long comment: No, you are wrong. Saying marriage equality or homosexuality is "against ones beliefs" is just a disguise for how hateful and bigoted you are. Faith, religion and belief should never, ever be a justification or excuse for such intolerance. I'm sure his faith says many things that are wrong that he and his loved ones do on a daily basis, but never think twice about. Only true people of faith are those smart enough to know that all are part of and welcome on this Earth and have every right to equality and happiness.

Well said, J.R.

I'm sorry to hear of how those in the lgbt community may feel hated, dirty, mistreated, frustrated, and downright oppressed. But I think many people, including, but not limited to, this article and huffington post, have misinterpreted what mr. Maafala was trying to say. Though he did say "you will have to kill me" in regards to same sex marriage, that is one sentence out of the entire statement. His overarching message was that whether straight or in the lgbt community, the government is being negligent at not looking at the sb1 bill carefully. He states that as a police officer he will uphold and apply any law made, and therefore treat everyone equally. Being that if the bill is passed, it does not coincide to his own and his families beliefs, he will not teach the belief of that law to his family or support it. But he will continue to uphold a law so long as he is a law enforcer and a citizen. He goes on to state though that no matter what, the committee members are not taking the time to look over the bill and listen to both the majority AND the minority (which he points out as the lgbt community) to ensure that EVERYONE is protected and will benefit from this bill. I feel that unlike most testifiers, mr. Maafala actually offered the most sensible argument to the bill. His one sentence that is highlighted in this article is completely blown out of proportion and misguided in regards to his main argument. Also if you watch his full segment on YouTube, unlike most testifiers, mr Maafala had the acknowledgment of the committee members and board indicating that there was a form of control, respect, sympathy and understanding on both sides. Yes there have been statements made that are in need of great rewording and more contemplation. But I believe that mr Maafala was merely trying to say that the bill doesn't support his beliefs; but more importantly it doesn't allow both the majority AND the minority to be treated fairly if passed and is in need of revising.

That can be aranged, lolo.


And how, exactly, would the police be required to "enforce" such a law which is, in reality, nothing more than granting an equal right before the law? Oh, yeah that's right the religious often don't deal in reality. Ignorant blowhards like these are everything I despise about christians.

Try respecting your non Christian natives before dishonoring their memory by taking on whole heartedly the religion that took captive your home land and made it their own. Tfo tfo

This guy is nuts, every word coming from his mouth makes no sense.  I hope the best for the unfortunate GLBT family members who are related to this weirdo.  

And what would he have to "enforce"? What laws(s) does he "enforce"" for heterosexual marriages? His position does not call upon him to conduct any civil marriage ceremony. Would he be in charge of delegating traffic police for a same sex wedding? This is  yet one more very ugly face of bigotry.

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