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Bethenny Frankel & Omarosa THROW DOWN On 'Bethenny'

The shade is REAL, y'all! 

Omarosa Manigault and Bethenny Frankel went for each other's WIGS during O's appearance on Bethenny on Wednesday. 

Omarosa's first line in this clip?? "It's different for you and I. I am an African-American woman. You get to walk around and be mediocre and you still get rewarded with things."

Lord, Jesus there's a fire! Watch!

We're not even sure they've even met before today, but these two former reality divas know the score--and both are very capable of defending themselves. Still, we doubt they'll be having tea (unless it comes with more shade) anytime soon.

Who won this round, Instincters?


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Omarosa reminds me of a jackass who attended a discussion I was moderating about if gay porn is still our community's teacher, indicator, or both of our sexual behavior.

The topic was barebacking, I allowed him to speak his mind as a moderator should. However, much like Omarosa did Bethenny, while I was responding at MY event, he felt because he's a counselor (of some kind) that gave him a right to try to talk over me. I actually had to stop, and compose myself so I would not totally lose my temper. So I commend Bethenny on how she handled herself.

My main point is that people like that guy and Omarosa use whatever "upstanding" position from society's superficial standards as a crutch to stand on and say, "I'm better than you". When in reality, they're overcompensating for the worthlessness they feel inside, and are very likely threatened by and/or envious of your knowledge and how you obtained it.

For this attendee at my event was threatened by my gay porn past and in-depth observation of my own and other's sexual experiences putting me in front of that room as moderator, as opposed to his time in some college or program getting a degree or certificate. While Omarosa is probably envious that she doesn't have her own talk show. Well, I don't know how well Bethenny's show is doing, but I doubt if Omarosa had a talk show that it would last anywhere near this long. For Omarosa is too much about Omarosa, and how much better she is than you.

OMG!!!!! You spoke VOLUMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I had a friend who acts just like Omarosa, and the guy that you described in your audience. (You stated this VERY WELL!!!) Omarosa is a, "Nice Nasty Narcissist!!!"

I just wish there was less Jerry Springer type shows.

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Omarosa has always been a total idiot.  This appearance doesn't makes me think any differently.

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