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Going Viral: Rambo, But Gay

"Rambo, But Gay," is the retelling of a classic manly flick with a twist/swish, starring L.A. nightlife luminary Mario Diaz, created by Michael Serrato and Mark Byers.

From the video's YouTube description:

Sure there's blood in guts in this Rambo from Michael Serrato and Mark Byers, but in this musical version the audience is asked to reexamine what it is to be a man and what it is to be manly. This post DOMA tinkering of war veteran, John Rambo is hopefully just the first exploration of "Manly, But Gay" that Serrato and Byers get to tell. 

Extra points if you can identify other gaydored personalities starring in the flick!

What do you think of the idea and the finished product, Instincters?



I really would like to see a gay retelling of William Friedkin's 1980 gritty crime movie "Cruising", starring Al Pacino.   I think actor James Franco may have some interest in the same film.  Perhaps you could convince him to star and/or direct.  

LOVE THIS!!! Would love to see more! I'm thinking Terminator, or Dukes of Hazard.

Loved!!! Terminator for sure. Is it too soon to do Avatar?

Tango and Cash!!

Sex and the city but with drag queens

i think xmen, terminator, rocky or bad boys or even men in black would be a good one

To each his own, I guess.

Stereotypes diminish us all; they are not funny.  Nor was this clip.

Hilarious... Mario Rocks!

So hilarious!  Do The Terminator next!

So funny!!  Do THE TERMINATOR!

One of the Star Trek films

I loved it.  I'm gay, and I thought it was hysterical.  Do more!!!

"from a gay perspective"?    not all gays act effeminate like you.

sure, the clip is rather funny, but being gay is not always funny.

DO SHAFT !!!!   ----BUT GAY.  That would be hilarious!!!!!   

Universal Soldier they should do next!!

Oh, that was wonderful. The shower scene had me giggling so hard! I'd love to see more like this! How about Desperado? :)

Mario has always been more than easy on the eyes and obviously this is no exception. A really sweet guy too. And great to see Willam (RuPaul's Drag Race) in on the action. He is hilarious on so many levels. Seems like I have known him forever and he still knows how to crack me up beyond belief! =D

Any gay would pay top dollar from the the bottom to see this as a musical!

any gay?   sure, continue the stereotype, buddy....

This was amazing- hilarious- and so yummy!

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