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GOP Congressional Candidate Demands Gay People "Go Back To Wherever They Came From"

The Tea Party has hopes set on Alabama Congressional candidate Dean Young, who's a big contender in a primary in the state despite having no grasp of rudimentary human biology whatsoever. 

Should Dean win a spot in the U.S. House of Reps, Vermont and California might want to prepare refugee camps for the influx of gay Alabamians he sends their way. Thanks to a comment that New Civil Rights Movement has uncovered, Dean demands that gay people "go back to California or Vermont or wherever they came from." 

Sure, the quote is twenty years old, but Dean has kept up with the bigotry ever since. 

During his campaign this year, Dean said, “I’m against homosexuals pretending like they’re married. Marriage is between one man and one woman and no one needs to go to Washington representing south Alabama if they don’t believe that."

Anyone wanna tell Dean where gay people come from?

(Via NCRM)




I grew up in Georgia just on the Alabama line and I was taught acceptance, love, tolerance, and compassion throughout my entire life. I hear just as much rhetoric and hatred from the my fellow gays as I do from the ones whom they claim persecute us. Shame on both your houses.

no. But I'd like to tell him where he can go. 

How is it even possible that a man with this lack of intelligence and education can get that high up the ladder anyway?

I think a law should be formed which states that you can only go into politics if you will serve and stand up for your people regardless their origin, age, sex or sexuality !!

I would go back to PA if my hubby could stand the winters there. *grin* 

I wouldn't know whether to fuck his mouth or his ass. What's that? His mouth and his ass are the same hole?!

He's quite cute for a neanderthal biggot, id give him a good time and some!

Silly Dean, silly silly Dean.

Well let's see . . . born and raised until I was 13 in Albany, CA.  Moved to El Cerrito, CA at 13, New York City at 18, back to the Bay Area at 21, Lugano, Switzerland at 24, BACK to the SFBA at 28, Palm Springs at 29 (with my first husband), and finally BACK TO ALBANY, the f*cking town I grew up in at 30, where I lived for the next 20 years!  And you know what?  While I was gone, the entire town was taken over by gays and lesbians!  There were more rainbow flags on my street than in the Castro!  

He's just in need of a really good blow job. And apparently, any woman he's been with can't measure up to what guys can do. ;-)

His mother and father, apparently.  

We call that shit on your face a cum catcher where I'm from you self loathing closet case.

i just sent him a very "kind" email.. you guys should too ;)

Ironically the trend tends to be among these gay bashing idiots is that they have some latent homosexual urges and almost always end up having male prostitutes or male lovers on the dl. this teanderthal looks like that type of idiot.

From straight people. He looks a bit gay with that goatee he has there! Closet case. 

I live in Texas. I'm gay. Pretty sure that's part of the South. We have cowboys. And gays. And gay cowboys... 

Anyone who tells me my marriage isn't real can go fuck themselves.  Tea Party shit head.


After he's done sucking my d***.. Then I might give a sh** what he thinks.

*"apparent" sorry bad spell check jaja

We come from his "apartment" favorite place in the world for his penis ;)

We come, primarily, from straight people... which I assume he claims to be.

Yeah, well I an against him pretending like he is a civilized human being and real honest-to-freedom American because he clearly is neither.

Maybe from another planet. I think he believes that...

Well I am gay and I come from the USA the state I live in is Florida.He can go jump off a bridge for all I care

I'd rather tell him where to go.  

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