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BREAKING: Illinois House Passes Marriage Equality!

Updated Tuesday at 3:34 p.m. PST

And the bill's ready for Governor Quinn's signature! The Illinois Senate just voted to approve the minor changes made by the House for Illinois's marriage equality bill!

The New Civil Rights Movement writes:

Wasting no time, just minutes ago the Illinois Senate passed a marriage equality concurrence bill, effectively making Illinois the fifteenth state to offer same-sex marriage. Democratic governor Pat Quinn will sign the bill into law and same-sex couples can begin marrying June 1, 2014.

The vote in the Senate, affirming changes made by the House, was 32-21. The House vote, just an hour ago, was 61-54.

Governor Quinn tweeted, “Illinois is a place that embraces all people and today, we are an example for the nation,” and added, “Today the Illinois House put our state on the right side of history.”

Number 15!!!

Go call the Guh-vah-nuh!


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Boom! The Illinois House just passed marriage equality with a vote of 61-54!!

SB10 will now go the the Illinois Senate!

The Associated Press reports:

A historic vote Tuesday in the Illinois House positioned that state to become the largest in the heartland to legalize gay marriage, following months of arduous lobbying efforts by both sides in President Barack Obama's home state.

Lawmakers voted 61-54 to send the measure back to the Senate to change the bill's effective date, just a technical change since the chamber already approved the measure in February. The measure will then head to Gov. Pat Quinn, who has pledged to sign it into the law.

Onward to the Senate! It's happening, folks!  661


Why do they have to wait until June 2014!? What's the purpose? Just start it now!

I totally agree.  This is wonderful news, but it makes no sense that there is an eight month wait.  Why not the first of next year?

We were in Springfield on Oct. 22nd. Thank God it finally passed. Now after 15 years together we can be recognized as a legally married couple. I am so HAPPY! Got to plan the Wedding now!

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