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'Gigolos' Star Nick Hawk Goes Tattoo Free For New Project--Which Look Do You Prefer?

Gigolos star Nick Hawk covered up all of his ink for a new project and it's like all of his copious tattoos never existed!

Check out the non-inked pics that he posted Monday on Facebook, saying "We covered all my tattoos. Weird!"

And here's Nick as we know him on Showtime's Gigolos (and in life). 

Which look do you prefer, Instincters?


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Love the ink on his body and ink accents his penis as a focal point.  Should get more ink colors blues or indigos on Nick's cock head to really stand out if this is what he's looking for!

He looks great either way, but his tats make him look fucking awesome.  Like the nipple piercing as well.

I think he's beautiful either way but I love his ink

Without the tats!!!!!!!!  Way to much dark black ink! It completely flattens his form instead of flattering it.  It's to bad that he went so far without asking this question first.  Is his entire penis tattooed black?

WOW that is a lot of ink.  The phrase "Too much is never enough" does not apply here.  Having a couple tatts here and there is cool, but don't over do it.  Find some elegant tattoos here

He is sexy AF either way!! Love this guy!

Que hermoso¡¡¡¡

ink free

ink free

The guy has a great ass ink or not

Ink breaks up your body line, like leopard spots and zebra stripes do. If you want to show off your hard work in the gym and lean diet, you don't want to be covered in ink. That's why you never see professional body builders with (excessive) tattoos or body hair. 

No ink, please!

Love ink but he's gone over the top in my opinion,He looks Hot ink free..a different poin of view on him is appealing.

Ink free, definitely. Do a Google image search of "Nic Haas" for photos of the guy before he went crazy with the tattoo gun.

Honestly, way better

I think he looks way better with all the tattoos... 

I think what this proves is that there aren't nearly enough gay tattoo artists-- people who really love the male form and create tattoos that flatter and enhance the underlying shapes instead of obscuring them (while still reflecting the clients personal totems and preferences, of course).

His tattoos are shitty

Sucker for a guy with tat's, but at  a certain point it becomes overkill. I mean, I get the self expression, but at some point it's all going to just blend together and you lose the whole point of tattooing. From another perspective, I worked for years in nursing homes, and all those beautiful tats will someday shrivle and fade and become an essence of their original state. I can see a few tats, but in that state and say 50% of your body covered, it's going to be a whole lot of not too pretty.

If he would have stopped with just the tree I say tats, but hotter without

I don't particularly like his tattoos, but they do look interesting. However, I still think he looks stunning by far without them.

ink free, no need to hide beauty

I love ink but if you love the person it's not going to matter

I think, if I really have a choice, I'd say FEWER tats would be perfect but not ink-free. Like some of those tattoos work really well. Most of them are just too damn much.

I remember when he used to go-go dance at The Abbey and only had a few tats. He def looks better with less. This is a case of ink addiction and I personally think it looks horrible. It covers up his great physique and just looks messy. 

definitely no ink is better!

Loved the ink but I'm also amazed how well the removal went. either or works for me

I like SOME ink... but this is too much.  

In another year he's just gonna be solid black!

I prefer him with the ink work .

I much prefer him with the ink .


To me without ink he is just another pretty guy. With ink, he is more distinctive. So it really depends on who he wants to be.

Ink free definitely.   AND clean shaven !!!!!!!

Ink free

he has too gorgeous  a body to cover

I was just noticing: his abs definitely "pop" more without ink...

ink free

It IS kinda weird seeing him 'without' ink.  It's a good look, though.  But he's absolutely right: it's really unfamiliar.

I love the tats ...the ink is so sexy!!! I have been a fan of his for a while. The pics whithout the tats are too weird and do not fit him at all. 

Ink free DEFINITELY! I really liked his earlier modeling pics before all the ink, but to each his own.

He looks good both ways but I prefer ink free... but maybe if there weren't so many tats, it'd be OK.

Ink free.

Ink free by a mile

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