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Prestigious NYC Catholic High School Allegedly Expels Student For Being Gay

Preston High School, a prestigious Catholic school in the Bronx, has found itself on the wrong side of headlines this week thanks to allegations that one of its students was expelled for being gay. 

The NY Post reports:

Amanda Acevedo, 17, says in court papers that a homophobic administrator at Preston HS in Throggs Neck took exception to her bringing a girl as a date to a school dance and embarked on a two-year campaign of discrimination that culminated in her expulsion in September.

“Such a disgraceful act is proof positive of the fact that they got rid of my daughter because of her sexual orientation,” Acevedo’s dad, John, charges in the suit, filed against the private all-girls school in Bronx Supreme Court last month.

“No other reason makes sense. Preston High gains nothing by expelling a traumatized gay child — except a sick sense of pleasure at getting rid of a gay child.”

More than 200 classmates have signed a petition for her expulsion to be overturned, while City Councilman James Vacca and state Sen. Jeff Klein have written letters to the school asking for Amanda's return. 



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Isn't Preston HS listening to their Pope?  Who are they to judge?

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