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Shirtless NC State Wolfpack Jock Twerks In Locker Room

Baseball is officially our new favorite sport. Earlier today it was Brad Ausmus made us want to get to first base, and now NC State Wolfpack's John Mangum is inspiring us to sing "Take Me Out To The Ballpark."

The hunky collegiate star took over teammate Brett Austin's Vine to give us an master's course in locker-room twerking. 

You're welcome. 


who cares about the song whats the whole video


Madd city Kendrick Lamar

WOW now thats an AZZ!

anyone know the song?

Kendrick Lamar m.A.A.d City

My goodness the LANGUAGE some of you people use.

God what a nice ass.

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What we know about this man/instant icon:
1. His name is John Mangum.
2. He is a sophomore in college.
3. He plays baseball, and he’s actually a catcher *LOL*, for NC State.
5. HE CAN TWERK. Like, really twerk.

I WIsh you would twerk on my hard on, maybe break my dick with that muscly ass

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damn love me some thick whiteboys :)

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says the dude who watched this video.

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Well, but who wouldn't?...hehehe

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That"s how Brazilian boys dance Funk down here........ lol.... lol... delicious thou....

And, he's supposed to be straight?  Hmm....

Does his sexual preference matter? No one is "supposed to be" anything. Who gives a flyin'...

yes of course, he is dancing, not fucking a guy. You are jalous, I wanna fuck his ass

Damn... fucking yum

Wow, can't stop watching that gorgeous arse. Wish he was in my locker room.

This is delicious. I've been watching this on a loop since yesterday...

I cant get it to play. There is a video right? :(

I just got fired from my job for watching it for the last hour and not actually working... they'll have to pry me away from the desk...

Yummy ! i can watch this all day and night 

I know what you mean.

Where do I buy one of these for use at home?  Shut up and take all my money!

damn I would damage the hell out that ass

Sure, he's hot, but there are plenty of hot bodies to look at on the internet.  I can't stop watching because his happiness is infectious.

YES!  I don't think I've ever been as happy as he is in this clip =(

looking good i love jocks::

hahaah Adoro! =D Ele é como sempre, lindo e animado!

he is cute, hot and funny, AND he plays baseball.  Nice body ! 

Thanks God he doesn't have diarrhea... 

Wow :)

wow :)

LOL I lost count of how many times I watched today...FUK^$# DELICIOUS!


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