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'AHS: Coven' Star Alexander Dreymon's Past Gay Sex Scenes Revealed!

It's no secret that we're fans of American Horror Story: Coven and when we're not losing it over whatever Jessica Lange, Angela Bassett, or Kathy Bates is serving in a given moment we're paying very close attention to one of show's newest stars, Alexander Dreymon.

It doesn't hurt that he's one of the only male characters that's fully in tact--at least currently. (GIFs below, naturally.)

While doing our usual thorough research into men that have sparked our interest, we came across this footage of Alexander from the BBC production, Christopher and His Kind

And goodness, this footage is kind, indeed. Alexander, who's credited as Alexander Doetsch in this production , portrays a gay prostitute and provides us with some scenes opposite Doctor Who's Matt Smith. 

We'll let you assess them for yourself!


Skip to 7:57....

Something tells us American Horror Story creator Ryan Murphy may have caught a glimpse of these scenes! 

We hope he allows Alexander to get into some similar action on AHS: Coven!!


Image Source (H/T: Gay Porn Blog)



They were hot but the accents annoyed the hell out of me lol^_^

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