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Theater Accidentally Promotes 'Thor 2' With Fanmade Homoerotic Photoshop Poster

Amazing. A movie theater in Shanghai unwittingly used this fan-made homoerotic slash fiction poster to promote Thor 2. Apparently love is in the air between Thor and Loki in the Chinese release...

Sometimes life just gets it right.

Also, yeah, we'd watch this version.


(H/T: Reddit)


This is AWESOME-- I want to see this version. There's way more chemistry between Thor/Loki than there is between Thor/Jane. I am a slashfan, so admittedly I'm biased, but still.

I don't think this was an accident... :)

I agree with SMMP. This is far from "homoerotic".

You do the Loki pokey when you turn your bro around...

That's what it's all about.

let's do the Looooooki Pokey!  the Looooookey Pokey!  You do the Loki Pokey when you turn your bro around, That's what it's all about!

I chortled when I read your comment and then sang it for the rest of the day, so I came back and commented on it. :)

You do the loki pokey when you turn your bro around... that's what it's all about!

this is awesome and a great way to promote that being gay is not something that needs to be feared lol

That was no accident. Nicely done.

I mean, it's not like they're ~actual~ brothers...

I guess I don't see what is so "erotic" about two guys standing close like they are a loving couple.

Well SMMP, that's because you're a douchebag.

It's OK, we understand.

Amazing. I had to laugh at this.


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Awesome!! Thats hot!!!

NO NO NO NO .............

The Chinese says "The much anticipated return of Thor."  When will we get this version of the film?

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