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Geneticist Schools Hawaii Bigots During Marriage Equality Testimony In State House

A breath of fresh, sane air wafted through the Hawaii House as Dean Hamer, a geneticist with a PhD from Harvard and 35 years at the National Institute of Health under his belt, took to the microphone to eloquently dismantle the blatant bigotry that has taken over the room during the past few days. 

Also, Hamer brings us up to speed on the latest research into the genetic origins of the LGBT community.

Worth every minute of viewing!




Heterosexuality and man/woman relationships are part of a natural construct and have been a natural institution as long as sexual reproduction has existed. It is an observable natural construct. Homosexuality is outside of this particular construct and I wonder if science has concluded whether homosexuality is an anomalous condition effecting an estimated 5% of if they have identified another vital natural construct that homosexuals are taking part in?

@Lang. You're right. 

@Miamidoug - the insertion of the word 'some' before the word 'straight' would have improved your posting no end.

I want to read his book, "Living With Our Genes".

I love how the homophobes try to play the geneticist at his own game. they know nothing really of any substance on the subject but they try and outwit him. It's embarrassing how they cut him off and try and dominate him when he is about to prove them wrong. Homophobes 0 Geneticist 1000

Great stuff -- go Dr. Hamer!  Nice to see science (almost) triumph over ignorance.

I am one of those identical twins he was talking about. I am gay, my brother is not. I always wondered how that was possible since we both have the same DNA. Although I don't understand his study, he seemingly is correct.

This is a good question and points to the common misconception that if something has a genetic / biological basis then it means that it can be predicted 100% from genes. I'm sure there are many ways that you and your brother are different - in personality, perhaps in some minor aspects of physical appearance, in health status, etc. All of these are driven by a complex interaction of genetic and environmental influences, including influences that you encountered when before you were even born (in utero). Responding to the one person who questioned whether you can have someone submit their DNA and predict their sexual orientation - that's just not the way genes work. Nor can you look at someone's DNA and determine whether they'll be a graceful dancer or a skilled orator. The doctor's point was that if there were no genetic basis, you would see 5% concordance between identical twins, but in reality you see over 50% concordance, showing that there is a large genetic component. 

Thanks for speaking to this.  In my experience of interacting with twins I've come to realize there are differences that really speak to their individually.  One of the biggest being something as simple as birth order.  Nine times out of ten I can tell which is the first born twin by simple observation of their behavior in social situations.  At some level there is always something that distinguishes one from the other.  I have friends who are twins where both are gay or one is straight or both are straight. The real bottom line is that you probably don't feel or think your twin is any more or less deserving of the right to be treated humanely.

It is the most simple way to understand the complexity of the genetics and the correlation with randomly outcomes!

Those of us who are gay already know that his findings are correct. It's just amazing how troubling and difficult it is for straight people to accept and they seem to want to suppress the truth about gays to the bitter end.

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