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Stephen Amell Doesn't Want Gays To Stop Hitting On Him

Alright gays, you just got the green light! 

Arrow's Stephen Amell stopped by Chelsea Lately and when Chelsea attempted to fend off the numerous gay fans that proposition him, Stephen quickly squashed that saying "People can hit on me if they want to!"

Gauntlet thrown! 

The very secure actor is married (to a woman) and a new father and he and Chelsea discuss fatherhood and his various gay television roles. Shout out to Dante's Cove and Queer As Folk

Take a look!

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Nice work, Stephen. We like what you're serving and if you want us to keep hitting you, we'll happily oblige!

Also, we'd like to think that this what Stephen looks like after teaching spin class:

Just, ya know, less clothed.


(H/T: Homorazzi)


Yeah, just because Stephen Amell said that does not mean he will go with a gay guy! For 1 thing he's married, seems devoted to her, and another thing he quit one of the TV shows he was on way back, because they wanted him to pursue the character he was portraying, and go further with the character's gay lifestyle! So those who live that way would not get no where with him anyhow!

he say he want gay man to hit on him only hot gay man can hit on him not gay man looks like me.

You are terribly annoying. 

Who was he in QAF?

I was just thinking the same thing.

If you really want to stare, try season 3 of HBO's series, Hung. Where he played a male prostitute (sadly for women only, but still...) and was frequently undressed even more than Arrow!

That's how it should be. He's a fine example to others. Hitting on someone doesn't mean acting on such.......married or not.

He was great in Dante's Cove and QAF, so he's got a huge gay fan base. it's not so surprising he doesn't mind all the attention.

I think the show runners know Arrow has a huge following among gay men and straight women. I've noticed he has been shirtless in every episode this season thus far (to my pleasure of course). Whereas last season it was rare.

yep thats what i want to less clothes on him

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