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13-Year-Old Boy Suspended For Carrying Purse In School

13-year-old Skylar Davis of Anderson County Senior-Junior School in Kansas has been suspended indefinitely for wearing a purse to school. That suspension is "indefinite" because apparently he isn't allowed to return to school until he agrees not to wear his purse and, well, it doesn't sound like that's happening anytime soon. 

According to Skylar's mother, Leslie Willis, Skylar had been bringing the purse to school for weeks without incident. No explanation was given regarding why he suddenly couldn't carry it and there's nothing in the school's dress or conduct code that prohibits him from carrying a purse. Girls are apparently allowed to carry purses in school.

Willis says, "I was a little furious, and I called the school [and spoke to Hillard] to reverify the story, and yeah, he refused to take off his Vera Bradley bag, nothing more to do it."

For his part Skylar just wants to be treated fairly, saying, "I don't think everyone should be treated differently. Everyone should have the same privileges."

The school has provided no comment.

What do you think of the school's actions, Instincters? 


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This can;t be real...there HAS to be more to this story. If this is 100% true...this is a CASE WINNING ACLU Case waiting to happen...and the people at this school are complete homophobe dou*chebags

Are schools no longer focused on instruction? Is someone worried that he has instruments of learning in there? Endangering his education over what is essentially a tool is not just wrong, it's stupid.

It's just a purse, for pete's sake. It's not like he brought a gun to his school. I side with him, and I think he should be able to go back to school, but that's probably never going to happen.

let the boy carry his purse for Christ sake don't we have anything else to worry about

Simply looks to me like a gaudy European man-bag. Maybe the school should consider whether they would suspend a male student for having a backpack -- that's pink. The question to the school is: "on what basis are you making such a decision/distinction?"

I'm guessing the school provided no comment because they're not sure themselves why they suspended the youngster.  To me, the only acceptable answer would be that they didn't want him to be bullied by other kids for having the gaudy European man-bag, and are admitting that they're not qualified or staffed well enough to monitor bullies. And that answer, of course, in unacceptable as well.

I have nothing against him using the purse just the Vera Bradley trend as a popular label. Every woman I know loves this label. My mom and nieces love this brand. I want to know why is it so appealing!? You can hide vomit stains with their patterns.

It's just a handbag for gosh sakes!  The administrators at this school are just being jerks!

Everyone, please contact the administrators of the school here -->

And here's my video response:

If he got suspended, every girl with a purse should be suspended, as well.  Not right. 

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