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Tyson Beckford & Transgender Model Ines Rau Get Naked In Stunning 'OOB' Shoot (NSFW-ish)

Wowza! Check out Tyson Beckford's stunning editorial photo shoot with gorgeous transgender model Ines Rau for France's OOB Magazine.

Photographer Rodolfo Martinez is doing stellar work here!

Get it, Ines!


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The fact that people without the intelligence to see the lack of difference between people of different skin tones and look past that and just see another person DISGUST me. You sir are an abomination, a true example of the failing of human kind. I am sorry you were raised so poorly, I hope eventually logic comes into your mind so you realize that there is no reward, no prize, for judging someone based off their skin tone, and you realize your faults. It will make you a better person and you will feel better because of it. Good luck. 


Anyways.... I'd eat it and hit it! (Tyson Beckford of course)

Does a penis make a man or Chromosomes,,,, an unless any know the difference just let it be,,,

speaking from the point of someone that is transgendered, most of you are full of crap. Now speaking from a persons point of view these photos are of two exceptionally beautiful people. Why oh why do people that have not got enough brain power to light a small light bulb have opinions on something they know nothing about. FYI I might be a postoperative transgender person but I blend into society really well and am disgusted in some of if not most of the responses here. It is art FFS get the hell over it.

To be clear, I am not disputing the whole "trans" thing. I do not dispute that sometimes people are born into bodies that do not match their brains (male body, female brain,etc) I am not calling trans people an abomination, or saying that it is in anyway wrong. I am simply stating that a bunch of hormone therapy, a set of bolt on breasts, and an inside out penis does not a female make.

"I am simply stating that a bunch of hormone therapy, a set of bolt on breasts, and an inside out penis does not a female make."

You're right. Those things make us comfortable in our bodies, but they do not make us female. That is an issue of identity.

Also, bolt on breasts? Am I really arguing about this with someone who doesn't know the basics of how transition works?

OMFG! You guys are kidding, right? I dont see what the argument is, or why everyone is so butt hurt. Look, I try this one more time..... If I build a set of airplane wings, and mount them on my truck, does my truck then BECOME an airplane? No. My truck DOES NOT become an airplane. My truck is still a truck, only now it looks like an airplane. If I do a very good job, my truck might look JUST like an airplane, but it is still just a truck. I might REALLY want my truck to become an airplane, in fact, I might even BELIEVE that my truck is an airplane, but it is still just a truck. As for my not being allowed an opinion because of my not being transgendered....... I am not an airplane pilot, or an auto mechanic, but it is with relative certainty that I can say we all agree that a truck is not an airplane, and an airplane is not a truck. I understand how my comments might upset those who believe that gender is simply a state of mind, but at the end of the day you cant argue with simple biology, and at the end of the day the model in question is still a man, surgically altered to look like a woman, but still a man, nonetheless.

The argument is that refusing to respect a trans person's gender is not respect. Your analogy is also ridiculous, and ignores the very complex reality of sexual differentiation in humans, the similarity of male and female, and the populated ranges which bridge them.

Now, for the record, I'm a trans woman. And, yes, I demand that people respect me, and that means respecting my identity. Allowing me to live but refusing to recognise me as a woman is not kind, it's not respectful, and it is ignorant on so many levels.

WHOOOOOA, let me stop you there, this is as far as  i got in your comment: "The argument is that refusing to respect a trans person's gender is not respect"

let me give you a lesson in life 101, we as people do not have to respect one another, but we do have to NOT disrespect one another. there are positive comment, neutral comments and the there are negative comments, two of them are ok to use, the other is just out of line. the comment that you were commenting on spoke of men being like trucks and if you put wings on it, it would still be a truck, but now with wings......IT IS STILL A TRUCK.  if you take a tire of the the truck, it is still a truck, just without a tire.

now what would you label that comment as being, a positive comment..........NO, i did not agree with what was going on. a negative comment.........NO, at no point did i write anything disrespectful about the person or about what they were doing. was it a neutral comment.......YES, i went in, stated facts, that was all without trying to lean in either ones favor

Except a truck is an object without a hormone-influenced, highly highly intricate brain. Is biology really as simple as we think? I don't think it's an argument that biology is actually intrinsically complex with innumerable processes, and regardless of whether or not we can read and comprehend textbooks, there is still so much we do not fully understand. Even if we define man and woman strictly by their physical reproductive parts, we still can not completely define the essence of who a person is and how they identify. I honestly don't understand why we insist on doing this.

Crap. Gotta remember not to read the comments.

For those who've been living under a rock, some reality for you. Two truths of nature for you: she abhors a vacuum, and she loves diversity.

Sex differentiation in humans is a very complex process, and there are not two ways this can go. The XX/XY paradigm is a myth. In reality, plenty of people have multiple X chromosomes, or Y chromosomes lacking the SRY1 gene, or other conditions which alter the course of sexual differentiation. We are not built from our chromosomes alone. We are the result of one initial cell with a set of DNA in a very complex and highly variable environment.

Modelling sex as a binary (M/F) is hopelessly flawed. A better was to model sex is as a spectrum, but this still fails to capture the complexity of the issue we're talking about. It's more like a whole bunch of spectra, ranging from typically male to typically female. These don't always all align in any one individual. They don't always point to either side.

A trans person is simply someone whose gender, or what you might think of as "brain sex", does not align with other, more readily apparent markers, such as genital structure, or hormones. There is no test for being transgender, though studies have shown that the brains of trans people are, in the ways male and female brains differ, more like those of the sex with which they identify, rather than that which they were assigned. This is true for people who've undergone hormone replacement therapy and those who haven't.

So, how do we decide, when presented with conflicting sex markers, what a person's sex is? We consider what makes a person who they are. The self arises from the brain. If a person's gender, or brain sex, is female, that is the marker which overrides all others, for that is the person. This is confirmed by the lived experience of every trans person ever, who feels they are a member of the sex with which they identify.

TL;DR: you may insist on immutable binary categories, but as physicists of the twentieth centuries learned, nature doesn't give a toss what you insist on being true.

Isobel, I'd like for you to surf the interwebz with me and make all my arguments to ign'ant hopeless trolls. Thanks!

She looks very beautiful and desirable till the moment somebody mentions that she was born as a man ... the beauty stays but desire is gone ... 


A vah-jay-jay is a vah-jay-jay. I'm sure you'd take a ride in her vulva and not even know the difference. lol

for all the haters.  think about the torture of having people like you judge and be shit heads to your face everyday.  turn your penis into a fully functioning vagina and clit for months of healing because its basically like getting your stomach cut open - i think you can give a girl a bit of credit. shut the fuck up and move forward.  the world is a beautiful place full of beautiful people!

Im not self hating, and Im not gay. Im not even that passionate about this subject. I am simply stating that anyone who says that you can change your gender simply by saying that you "identify" as something else is wrong. We are what we are, period. Im fat, the doctor tells me Im fat everytime I have an appointment. I dont FEEL like a fat guy, but the doctor tells me Im fat, so it must be true. Now, by pointing out that I dont "identify" as a fat guy, does that make me any less fat? All Im saying is that somewhere in this whole "Im ok, you're ok" quest, SOMEBODY decided that when it comes to gender, the simple will to change one's sex makes it so. I am simply pointing out that it isnt that simple.

Disagree on gender - that is a social construct, lots of variation and nuance, effeminate men, butch women and zillions of shades and combinations. Agree on genetics - do what you will, chromosomes are what they are.  Troubled by on the one hand wanting to support transwomen and really anybody in claiming/defining whatever identity they wish - on the other hand wanting to respect those women who do not want to open painfully claimed women's space to people who they see as male.  Want transwomen to have room to be, want radfem women to not have "men" forced upon them.  Not sure where the win is in this one.

Thank you Bmorejoe for your thoughtful comments. I appreciate your honesty, I have also thought about these questions a lot lately with regard to the Michigan Women's Music Festival.  Ultimately, I choose to recognize trans women as women and welcome them into women-centered spaces.  I think there is a degree to which radical feminists are unwilling to confront their own transphobia and refuse to recognize trans women as women, and alas, I think that is a patriarchal move.  Do I believe in separate space? Yes, for several years in college I was the president of a queer people of color student union, but I am proud to say that white and straight people were always welcome in our group, we simply asked that they respect the fact that the main purpose of our group was to address the issues and concerns that affect queer students of color.  The response was really positive, our group was never overrun by straight or white people, but we had real anti-racist and queer allies in the group.  If a trans woman wants to go to the Michigan Women's Festival than for crying out loud let her be there.  It reminds me of the 1980s when Black feminist called out radical feminists for refusing to address questions of race, radical feminists should engage intersectional theory and understand how their liberation is intimately tied with the liberation of trans people and stop being so territorial and insulting towards trans women.  my two cents

So you are fat, but if you got liposuction or surgery to make you thin then you would not be that fat guy anymore would you??  So once you were thin, would you still identify yourself and others identify you as the fat guy? 

You should try reading more because you have a LOT of learning to do.

Clearly, you are missing the point. What about children who are born intersexed, or boys born with 2 X chromosomes? You are missing the fact that sex organs are not in fact the be-all end-all defining characteristics of one's gender. If someone gave you tits and a vagina one day would that make you female? Would you FEEL like a woman even though you passed for one? Gender does not fit comfortably into a rigid binary structure. The animal world is a perfect example of this. Not to mention examples of people who fit between genders (or were classified as a 3rd gender) exist in virtually every human society (and have for millennia). 

people dont DECIDE one day to be a different gender so much as people DECIDE to be gay.

Gender is a quite complex deal, sex not so much - yes there are intersexed people but they are rare, almost all of us are either boys or girls genetically - as far as xx and xy go.  But they don't go all that far - the social constructs around gender and sex role do stifle a huge amount of individual variation - and they are archaic and hopefully on their way out. And yes, same sex sexuality is observed in almost all species that have sexes. 

Fun fact: there are structural differences between male and female brains (though not as many as you might think). Guess what these look like in the brains of trans people? They look like the brains of the sex with which they identify. That goes for folk who've been on hormones and those who haven't.

Also, a Y chromosome does not make you male. A gene which is typically, though not always, found on that chromosome is the culprit. So, you don't even understand genetics, it would see,.

What I love about this issue is how the simplest comment must include insults. Why Isobel? I agree that the genetics are more complex than xx xy but that diff is basic. Do you have a link to research for brain claim? That would be interesting.  What do you think about some women not wanting to embrace trans women ? Should they be forced to?  Are trans women active in the general women's movement?  On reproductive issues? Thanks!

She is fully, and completely a woman...despite what self hating gay men may say. 

"she is a woman because she identifies as such"...... No. "She" is beautiful, hot ,and sexy, but "she"is not a woman. I could put on a fake set of wings, and a fake beak, and tell people that I "identify" as a bird, but THAT does not mean I am a bird. Fully trangendered or not, man cannot become a woman, and a woman cannot become a man. When the doctor performs sexual reassignment surgery, he does not create a vagina, the doctor cuts off the penis and balls, and uses the leftover skin to create a hole for some confused bastard to masturbate into...... Just sayin, lets at least keep it real.


You must have nothing to do, you just keep re-stating the same transphobic argument over and over and over again, to the point that it seems... well, kinda weird, hence there are several references to you being a self-hating gay in other people's comments.  You are clearly not going to convince anyone here, nor apparently are you going to learn anything either, the difference between sex and gender has been explained to you so many times in the comments section, but it appears you just can't get it through your head, which indicates that you are either hopelessly dumb or really homophobic (i.e. self-hating gay).  Ultimately John, you are a sad joke, some fat white boy sitting in front of his computer all distressed about how much these pictures make him feel, and taking it out on the rest of the people who can just enjoy the pictures for the beauty they convey.  Ines Rau is a beautiful trans woman, and in all probability she is more of a man you will ever be and more of a woman you will ever get.  I would also just like to say thank you to Jason Wallace for holding it down in the comments section and not letting any transphobia slide.

You have decided to define being a woman as "being born with a vagina and other sexual organs that have historically been associated with womanhood."  We live in a world where scores of people are born into bodies with sexual organs that mean that they are labeled as a member of a gender that they simply don't feel they belong to.  They are handed a set of gender roles and assumptions that they cannot ever feel comfortable with.  They are forced into an identity that is at odds with everything they feel.  This rigid adherence to "vagina = woman" and "penis = man" is totally arbitrary.  If you defend and uphold that definition then *at best* you are a mindless pedant who doesn't understand the evolving nature of language and identity.  But more likely, I think you are a hateful person who is disgusted by trans people.  You do not want to broaden your understanding of 'woman' and 'man' because you do not want trans people to be happy.
I say it is YOU who is disgusting.  It is YOU who does not deserve to be happy.  She is a woman.  She always was and she certainly is now.


I think you have no right to comment any further, your blatant ignorance has taken this right away from you. Unless you are from a transgender background you have no opinion, unless you're a bird, you have no opinion. To state that "man cannot become a woman, and a woman cannot become a man" has me so gob-smacked that I can't even deal right now! ....and to quote a severely backward individual " Just sayin' "

He is probably one of those Christian conservatives who goes around to LGBT sites to bad mouth people and try to make them feel bad...destructive, hateful, vengeful, and bitterly, bitterly unhappy. 

I'm guessing you're one of those self-loathing homos.

@Blake...Thanks for your comment! You get A + for that one.....

All I can say is amazing and beautiful nonetheless...WOW!

She is a she whether "fully transgendered" or not. She is who SHE'S always been

Damn.  I would be all up on Tyson.  He gets finer with age

dat booty on Beckford!!!! I so wish I was her right now lol

She's a man isn't she? Or is she fully Transgender. Either way, it's a hot photo shoot.

she is a woman because she identifies as such. The state of her transition has no bearing on her identity.


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