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Sharon Osbourne Attacks The Women Of 'The View' On 'Arsenio'

Updated Thursday 3:40 p.m. PST

It's mea culpa time! Sharon Osbourne apologized on Thursday's episode of The Talk for comments attacking the co-hosts of The View.



Sharon told The Talk's audience: 

I was inappropriate, trying to be irreverent. I respect Jenny, Sherri and Whoopi.... It was a bad joke."

Apology accepted??


Original Post 

Sharon Osbourne's never been one to mince words, but when the co-hosts of The Talk visited Arsenio the talk show host unleashed on their competitors over at The View

Take a look!

Sharon tells Arsenio Hall (as her co-hosts looked on in simultaneous delight and mortification): 

"Barbara — idolize her, divine, she is super-human, I love Barbara Walters. The rest can go f-ck themselves!"

Think we'll get a response from the ladies of The View? We'd love to hear what Whoopi has to say...


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Sharon's got the "x-factor", so has Sheryl and Whoopi.  That's it.  xoxo

Sharon Osborne is such a completely horrid person who is full of hatred and contempt for anyone more successful and famous than her pathetic reality t.v. spawned family!! She tore Lady Gaga to shreds on twitter over her "monsters" bullying poor defenseless Kelly but when Gaga performed on Sharon's show in the U.K. (the X-Factor), she all over her like a wet blanket!! She's a two faced, ignorant pig that doesn't deserve a fraction of the fame and money that she has!!!! She totally makes me sick!!!!

Their ratings have not surpassed The VIEW. But, if they ever want to -- Julie, you and Les better get rid of nasty mouth Sharon.  That woman has no filter.  She is out of control.  I like this show, but not enough to continue watching as long as she is a co-host.

With any ensemble show, there are often co-hosts you don't really like.  On The Talk, I don't enjoy Sheryl.  On The View, unfortunately I don't enjoy any of the co-hosts anymore, but they did have my favorite co-host ensemble when they had Meredith Viera, Joy Behar, Star Jones and Lisa Ling.

This is news? Instinct: grow beyond the cat fights of daytime TV...

Get rid of Julie, Sara and alternate Sherri & Aisha.. I'd be good with one REALLY good show!

Well - The Talk has actually surpassed or matched the View's ratings - that's why they canned Joy and Elizabeth - and added Jenny.

joy and elisabeth both left because they chose to - they were not replaced because of jenny mccarthy.  i like jenny, but the only reason that the talk and the view are close in demo is because the ratings of the view dropped when joy and elisabeth left/jenny came on.  so your post doesn't make any sense.  sorry.  

joy and elisabeth both left because they chose to 

If you've been a regular watcher of The View, you'd know that they did not choose to go.  Their contracts weren't renewed and that was literally leaked months before they "officially" announced they were leaving.

Same thing happened with Star Jones, but she didn't play along and pretend it was her choice and after mentioning on air that her contract wasn't being renewed, she was immediately fired.

Poor Sharon. Bad plastic surgery and open jealousy that her show will never surpass The View in the ratings. Sucks to be you, bitch!

How in the hell can you not like Whoopie Goldberg??? Sharon is a loon.

I find Whoopie Goldberg completely revolting. But that's besides the point here. Sharon was being cute, but was over the top. 

Love a good cat fight smiley

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