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"Beautiful Boy" From 'Bridegroom' Soundtrack Gets Music Video

If you think that you've exhausted your month's supply of tears after watching Bridegroom on OWN or in theaters, we're sure you'll tap into a previously unknown reserve after watching the new music video for "Beautiful Boy," from the film and the original viral video that added momentum to the movement. 

In a status update posted to the Bridegroom movie's Facebook page, Shane Bitney Crone writes:

Coleen McMahon has always been a dear friend, to me and to Tom, so I was honored when she graciously allowed me to use her song, "Beautiful Boy," in my YouTube video and in Bridegroom Movie. This song is immensely special to me, for numerous reasons, but most importantly I think it is a song that reminds us about the fragility of life, and how we should cherish each moment with our loved ones.

Coleen has released a music video for "Beautiful Boy," and I am proud to share it with you.

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The movie was a beautiful movie granted it was sad how it came about, I am 52yo and have only been in love once for a very short time, so many years ago, his name was Rudy, my Parents came between the love I had for Rudy, I think of him a lot, its a shame how hard it is to truly find true love, I have been following some of your accomplishments, I wish I had known Tom and You both, its funny I watched your videos online and then the movie so many times, I actually had a dream about you both, what a beautiful couple you made and are, the greatest thing about heaven is someday you will be rejoined with Tom again, not even his family will be able to stop that.

Good luck my friend, John

I miss you so much Tim Lockwood.  Why did you take your life?  We should have been together.  After 40 years I still think of you every day.  I still think how precious those nine months seeing each other were.  My heart has been so empty without you.  Life is not the same.  I just get through each day somehow and hate it.  My body is failing me but my heart is with you everyday.

Hi! Shane, I don't know what to say, I can't find words to express my feelings. .. totally speechless. Sorry to hear about Tom :( I am not a social person, not a familiar with Hollywood ppl, neither I use fb, I don't remember how I reached to Tom's documentary.. I watched that movie on YouTube three days back but I really can't forget this incident, you both looking soo cute together :( my heart is still crying, **May Tom's soul rest in peace**
# Tap Tap Tap

That movie touched my heart and want you to know i feel for you Shane. I started crying and felt sad the day i watched it and a few days after. I promisr you with my heart, i will try my best to just tell this story to everyone i know to show the meaning of life is love, not matter what peoples differences are in this world. I believe love is more powerful than anuthing inthis world and know deep down in my heart, we will all be together someday in heaven.

This was an amazing movie.  It has brought many loveable memories. 

This is such a heart felt movie, hopefully it will open some peoples eyes! True love never dies!!! South-Africa

Will there be a full soundtrack released?

This is a remarkable song, love it and the video fits the song perfectly. Simply sang from the heart  I have placed this song on my IPod. 

Simply beautiful Coleen! This song shows such passion and love that you had and have not only for Tom but for Shane as well. Just love it.


Such a beautiful song!!!

amazing song !!!! and video !!!1

you made me cry,i love this song & video

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