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Tyson Beckford & Transgender Model Ines Rau Get Naked In Stunning 'OOB' Shoot (NSFW-ish)

Wowza! Check out Tyson Beckford's stunning editorial photo shoot with gorgeous transgender model Ines Rau for France's OOB Magazine.

Photographer Rodolfo Martinez is doing stellar work here!

Get it, Ines!


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Yes these are beautiful individuals although beautiful in the world of models...they are the pinnacle of perfect bodies and will never see the likes of these two working behind the counter of a 7even 11 or Walmart ....that being said why is it relevant to point out she is transgender. I mean by all accounts in these pics she looks female, are we who are not familiar with those who are transgender supposed to see her as she is also a male. In what way is she male...unless you are showing us their genetalia why would I see her as transgender whatever that is supposed to mean?

It's important to point out because there is not yet acceptance therefore a light still needs to be shown on the issue. 

Denying transgender people recognition serves only to hide the beautiful and "passable" of us while leaving the more obvious of us to fend for ourselves against a culture of people who believe we are forcing an "unnatural" stereotype.

She is transgender by her own admission, that is how she prefers to be recognized and to be accepted for that legitimizes the struggle she has endured as well as hopefully opens a few minds about sexuality.

Yummy is the only description I have. 

OH SWEET TV! has to pay them a visit!

I love it!

Beautiful all ways kudos to both models

Lookit that ass!!!!

Amazing in the true sense, a new era has been dawning for a a while for members of the LGBTIAQ society and this is a pinnacle moment and should be celebrated. Tyson, I commend you on your professionalism, as to seeing across the belittling or petty  issues such as gender, sex and the critique of them Nay...sayers. @ JohnyW: Go get your life!!! You are nothing but a  conservative subjective illiterate racists, and they were not fucking idiot....its a photo shoot. I think the saddest part is that you have the audacity to impose  your irrelevant views on a public forum....Sis...."voetsjek"

Stunning and courageous of the beautiful models....Mwaah

Amazing in the true sense, a new era has been dawning for a a while for members of the LGBTIAQ society and this is a pinnacle moment and should be celebrated. Tyson, I commend you on your professionalism, as to seeing across the belittling or petty  issues such as gender, sex and the critique of them Nay...sayers. @ JohnyW: Go get your life!!! You are nothing but a  conservative subjective illiterate racists, and they were not fucking idiot....its a photo shoot. I think the saddest part is that you have the audacity to impose  your irrelevant views on a public forum....Sis...."voetsjek"

Stunning and courageous of the beautiful models....Mwaah

She is a stunning woman, period. She's a fabulous model and she's gorgeous. Period. Why commend Tyson for beingphotographed with a hot chick. He does that all the time!!! Ines is gorgeous. Tyson is gorgeous. But this is a pretty hetero normative shoot to me. I don't see why it's a cause for fodder except we are making it so. Now, Tyson and his beautiful chocolate self naked, that's a reason for a parade!!!!

Personally I think these photos are absolutely beautiful. Sultry. Also, given the back and forth here between people who think it's disgusting and people who, like me don't see anything but beautiful erotic photography- I also want to commend Tyrese for agreeing to the shoot in the first place. Obviously there are two strong camps here. The "Foe's" who think this is a perversion, called her body fake (which is hilarious to me because women have plastic surgery all the time to enhance ourselves, yet no one really says anything unless we wind up like Joan Rivers, but I digress), and think it's disgusting. And then you have the "Friends" who say this is beautiful and cheer her on in her journey through life and remark on her courage because her's was undoubtedly more difficult than mine has ever been (I was born with a vagina). So, knowing there is a strong camp dedicated to being hateful toward Transgendered individuals, I think it was brave and beautiful of Tyrese to agree to do the shoot. He obviously doesn't care about anyone's opinion but his own and  wasn't ashamed or afraid of the public backlash he surely knew he would face from posing with such a beautiful woman. BUT, allow me to point out- had you not been TOLD she was Transgendered, I dare say none of you hateful people with your hard little hearts would have EVER known. She is beautiful- hell I wish I had a body like hers! All of you people slinging mud and insults at her should be ashamed of yourself. Just because SHE is transgender doesn't mean it effects you in ANY way. You can't catch it, so what do you care? If she had been born with a vagina but had to have her knee surgically rebuilt after an accident, would you call her body fake? Would you hurl insults at her if her shoulder had been rebuilt after a car accident? I'm a breast cancer survivor and have implants, should I hide my fake body? All your insults do is make you look shallow, callow and ignorant to the world. The world is full of all types of people, not all of them are like YOU. We have artists, musicians, athletes, doctors, lawyers... all walks of life and all matter of mind. You bash her so aggressively but how would YOU like if we took your life and picked you apart? Called you names for flaws and accused you of all manner of things? You wouldn't like it, and you should all be ashamed. SHE is beautiful and SHE is brave. You haters on the other hand are anything  but.

*Tyson. forgive my error.

This is beautiful! No one has the power not even god to judge who you are. You are human, male or female, you choose who you want to be... It's shoking to see comments undermining human's basic rights...

Who told u God can't judge u,? point of correction, its humans who can't judge.Seriously de pick suck

my silly ass did not read the first thought that came to mind was man she is a lucky girl to be near all that chocolate! and after reading the word Transgender model and Tyson in some HOT pictures together, all i can say is man what a lucky girl! and can i shake your hand for being near (and on him lol) Tyson.

I didnt even read the words transgender model. lol

To all the people who don't get the "trans" thing (wtf is this "trans" thing, I'm transgender but I don't think it's a...thing): So...based on some of these comments, if a person is born with a penis they are MALE and also a man and their hormones do not matter. Vice versa with a person born with a vagina.

so what do y'all think about people with intersex genitals? When the doctors decide that said person with both "male" and "female" sex organs is a MAN, does that make them a man? Does their hypothetical XXY chromosome make them a "man"? Is it their fluxuating hormones? Is it the fact that the doctor mutilated their genitals into a "penis"?

Two things! "She" is ugly! Why on earth does anyone with a sex operation think they have the right to flood us with details on their fake body, procedure, or mental distortion. Keep it to yourselves, "ladies"!

You are sick and wrong...just so you know. You are the one with the "mental distortion."

I don't know what you look like on the outside, but I don't imagine it's very nice - Inside you seem so bitter, ignorant and ugly... and this always translates to what people see on the outside. I can promise you, as soon as you let go of all your negativity and prejudice and learn to see the beauty of everybody's individuality, you will be a lot happier in yourself, you will see a very different world and people will se a far more beautiful you!!

You're just green with jealous because it's not you with Tyrese you silly frog...!!! Lol

You are a total loser nobody wants to hear your bitterness towards yourself and life

You are blind & ignorant...

OMG black dudes should not be able to ruin perfect white vah jay jays this is just so wrong i'm calling my mommy

Calm down, folks. I believe this is sarcasm.

I'm sorry... is she white?? because she doesn't look white. You, however, sound very, very ignorant!

Shut Up

Did you seriously just write this on here? Can you possibly be anymore ignorant? 

What two beautiful human beings! It amazes me how judgmental & ignorant so many people can be. Who cares how one lives their life ESP when it's not hurting anyone? I wonder why there are those that get so caught up in the way others live ESP when it doesn't effect that person in any way whatsoever. How sad it would be to live your life being someone you're not & to only live that way because of the fear of being judged, rejected, & criticized. I applaud & admire the people that, despite the struggle, they stay true to themselves & live the life they want. I support equality for all.

JFC...... I really cant believe what a bunch of whiney, little, pussies you're all being about this. So much anger, I cant believe it! All I did was comment, in reply to another post that just because an individual identifies as a certain gender, that it does not in fact mean that they are actually, really that gender. Look, I get it, you're all pissed that some asshole had the nerve to point out the obvious. I was not aware that ANY comment that disagreed with the views of the LGBT community was bigoted. Anyhow, bottom line...... "She" was born biologically male. A whole bunch of hormone therapy, some fake breasts, and an inside out penis do not make one female. I am actually willing to buy the "third gender" theory, but thats as far as I can go. Same goes with the whole ftm thing. Ya buy some khakis, quit shaving your legs, start hitting the weights, and pump yourself full of testosterone so that your beard comes in and your clitoris grows...... It doesnt make you a dude, it makes you a chick with a beard and a gigantic clitoris who suffers from a horrible case of bottom dysphoria. I didnt make the rules, Im just pointing them out. If you dont believe me, try to procreate. anyhow, Im out. You've all afforded me an evening of stellar entertainment. I wish you all the best in your endeavors, weather it be growing your own "penis", building a "vagina", or just figuring out how to make it through the week without putting a bullet in your head.

Agreed with this more than the other comments... GOD Doesn't make mistakes, Period. But Until The Day of Judgment, if one believes in such Divinity .. To Each Their Own.


You must have nothing to do, you just keep re-stating the same transphobic argument over and over and over again, to the point that it seems... well, kinda weird, hence there are several references to you being a self-hating gay in other people's comments.  You are clearly not going to convince anyone here, nor apparently are you going to learn anything either, the difference between sex and gender has been explained to you so many times in the comments section, but it appears you just can't get it through your head, which indicates that you are either hopelessly dumb or really homophobic (i.e. self-hating gay).  Ultimately John, you are a sad joke, some fat white boy sitting in front of his computer all distressed about how much these pictures make him feel, and taking it out on the rest of the people who can just enjoy the pictures for the beauty they convey.  Ines Rau is a beautiful trans woman, and in all probability she is more of a man you will ever be and more of a woman you will ever get.  I would also just like to say thank you to Jason Wallace for holding it down in the comments section and not letting any transphobia slide.

Awww, that's so sweet - that you will allow humanity to have a third gender. How gracious we all are. My hero!

Seriously mate? What makes you think you have the power and authority Here?

Do some damn research instead of spouting your inconceived, lack of sound basis in fact, bullshit around the place.

Do us all a favor and put a bullet in your head please

It take's WAY more to be a man or a woman than what you were born and what's between your legs. True transsexuals and transgender people won't ever be male or female, but they will be men and woman. Your gender has nothing to do with your birth sex, the same way your gender and sex have nothing to do with your sexual orientation, but really who cares?? Why are you soooo pressed trying to police other peoples bodies and gender?? At the end of the day this isn't your "Personal" struggle so you have NO idea what it's like to be trans, If you were a decent human being with a little thing called "empathy" you'd be able get some idea of the pain this causes other trans men, women, and children. Again at the end of the day this struggle isn't your so why do you care?

well said!!! Lol

So what. It's fucking hot! Let people label themselves however they so choose and everyone else who has hate can go live miserably elsewhere. 

"I am actually willing to buy the "third gender" theory, but thats as far as I can go."

How fucking generous of you. Twat.

Oh my god. Fake breasts? Really? Do you know anything about trans people? Our breasts are often quite real, and judging from the shape of these, I'd say there's a good chance hers are, too. Grown under the influence of estrogen, just like any cis woman's breasts.

If you're not willing to show respect, then you shouldn't expect it. Now, if you've nothing else to say, piss off.

Simply beautiful!


The only thing I find offensive here is all the idiots who clearly shouldn't worry about the sexual organs of others but should be more concerned with their own lack of fucking brain cells. What a bunch of narrow minded bigots.  Fucking shocking !

TRUTH, MIKE!!!!!!!!!!!

very very stupid discussion.....let individual differences work and just pump your heads with the word RESPECT. Each one person like all of us here were born unique. Do not question anything just mind your own businesses and see how life will be treating you alll individually.  Its their lives! How come you people are so affected? Take things from an artistic point of view. So what if the "lady" is transgenderred but she looks more beautiful than any of you? It is so PATHETIC for some people to discuss as if they are the most Perfect creatures ever created in this world. Gosh all of us here have our own imperfections so we better keep our mouth shut and just appreciate other people lives because for all we know we have more skeletons and rotting secrets in our closets.

Damn she's wicked hot but I'm disgusted at the fact that she fucks blacks. That is so trashy.

I am disgusted by the fact that you are allowed to breath SHUT UP bottom feeder


that you're so dumb

Oh wow, you are evil. You must really hate yourself.


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