David LaChapelle's 'Happy Socks' Campaign Video

We were super excited to David LaChapelle's "Happy Socks" campaign based on the awesome stills that were released in October.

Naked men jumping around in colorful socks? Sign us up!

...And then we watched the actual video of the campaign. Is it just us or is this kinda "meh"??

Can't win 'em all, David!


This is a retelling of Hans Christian Andersen's fairy tale "The Red Shoes" from start (a much cherished item of footwear causes the wear to dance forever) right down to the the finish (the death of the protagonist by train accident) - albeit much more mature content (prostitutes, substance abuse, language, partial nudity, eroticism, and simulated violence). Kudos to the lead actress! She is quite committed to the movement and fully involved, embodied in the character. I was hoping for the scene with the naked jumping men.

wtf............... almost a bad joke

This is so dumb

So bad,looks like a quentin Tarantino's short film but bad taste,Is ridiculous, i get the point but is just cheesy and grotesque,I am in shock given that Mr LaChapelle is one of our most influential,revolutionary artists/photographers of our time .2 thumbs down,way down..

The ''Shirtless NC State Wolfpack Jock Twerks In Locker Room'' is more entertaining than this video. 

the Video is not viewable in Germany because copyright infridgements

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