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Pope Francis Embraces Severely Disfigured Man

::Cue all of the tears::

Opinions on the Pope (and the Catholic Church in general) may vary, but these images warmed our cold dark hearts. 

The Pope kissed and embraced a man suffering a severely disfiguring disease called neurofibromatosis while visiting with an audience of nearly 50,000 people in Vatican City on Wednesday. 

According to CNN, "The genetic disorder causes pain and thousands of tumors throughout the body. It leads to hearing and vision loss, heart and blood vessel complications, and severe disability from nerve compression by tumors."

A picture is worth a thousand words.

Pope Francis is showing more compassion than practically any of his predecessors (and from what we've seen that compassion extends to the gay community as well).

If we're going to have a Pope, can we keep this one??


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Would that other Catholic leaders would follow his example.  I might even consider returning to the church.

All of his recent predecessors were compassionate men. They just had different ways of expressing it.

Tom, I strongly agree with you! 

I don't understand why anybody would downplay the difference between this pope and his predecessors.  As not only a gay man, but also as an atheist, I love this pope, and I'm not alone.  The reason is because this pope does seem like a truly good person, and despite what you say, it's a marked difference from the others.

I agree with Tom L - this Pope is so different and I cannot say anything bad nor want to criticize but would rather emulate.

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