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Police & Doctors Force Repeated Defecation, Anal Probing and Surgery On Innocent Man

This is the stuff that nightmares are made of. Truly.

Imagine it's a typical day... you're in your local store doing a little bit of shopping and then you decide to leave. Upon leaving the store, you fail to come to a complete stop at a parking lot stop sign and are immediately pulled over. You step out of the car and the officer reports that you're clenching your buttocks citing this as probable cause to search your anal cavity. Officers obtain a search warrant and begin a series of humiliating examinations—over the course of 14 hours—against your will and protest. What do they find? NOTHING.

Think this doesn't actually happen in present-day America? Well, it does.

Prepare yourself and watch the news report about one man's horrifying encounter with the law:




We'd be terrified and mortified too. And if the experience is not enough to endure, having the hospital come after you for medical bills is nothing short of insulting. How would you feel and what would you do, Instincters?




I think there are a few police officers & a judge in New Mexico who have an unresolved anal fixation...and one man who is about to be quite rich thanks to their sexual hangups. You don't pay that much attention to a guys asshole unless you want to go there.


Well if it was me I'd go get fucked cause I'd be definitely clean

This is leading me to believe that law enforcement in our country is consisted of a bunch of pricks. I hope those officers and the chief of police there will get a taste of their own medicine soon.

This is absolutely sick, a complete invasion of privacy.  Why would someone put drugs in their butt to go to Walmart in the first place?!  And then charge him for procedures that he was forced into against his will.  How awful!

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