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Thomas Roberts Condemns Russia's Anti-Gay Laws On The Miss Universe Red Carpet

While he didn't speak out on Russia's anti-gay propaganda laws during the live telecast of the Miss Universe pageant, MSNBC's Thomas Roberts did condemn the anti-gay legislation while making his red carpet rounds. 

Check out what he had to say to Russia's state sponsored RT network: 

Roberts said: 

“I know the law is very vague and still hard to interpret for many people. But it is discrimination and that’s definitive. And I don’t think that the LGBT population in Russia or anywhere should be marginalized to that degree. We are not asking for special protection. We’re just asking for equal respect."

Was it enough? 


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i was hoping for more.

I haven't listened or watched Roberts on MSNBC since it was announced he would host this show in Russia. No reporting, no vocal opposition while in that country can undue his turncoat stance. Now if Bobby Boy will reveal how much he was paid and donates ALL OF IT to a campaign to help GLBT in Russia, I may watch him again. Until then, I switch over to CNN when his face/show appears on my TV...

No its not enough and its Pathetic 

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