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'Knowing,' A NSFW Super Hot PSA Wants You To Know Your HIV Status

Check out this  super sexy NSFW, public service announcement video from Impulse Group.  The non-profit group's PSA "Knowing" wants to spread the message of the importance of "knowing your HIV status, telling and asking, and choosing love."

Did we mention it's also hot as hell and we're not sure how long it's going to allowed on YouTube?  Not to mention Eli Lieb is serving up an excellent cover of "Stay."





A new follow up film, called Falling can be seen here:

In 1989 I left the military, went back home and started College.  I was "coming out" at the time and became quickly involved in HIV/AIDS Education.  I worked in that field for about 10 years.  I haven't been involved as an Educator or Activist in awhile.  But after seeing this I am left with TONS of Questions.   So I get the point, Know Your Status and Share.  Great!!  But what is this message about being Positive and Undetectable?  So, your positive but you think it's ok to have un-safe sex?  Positive is Positive!!  This point was left WIDE OPEN in this Story.  And as a group of Educators I think you've failed.  And since I know one of you...You'll be getting an e-mail.  You've got some explaining to do.  Love and Peace  -TMac

Respect your life and your health by knowing your status and educating yourself and others about how HIV is contracted.  If you are POZ, please respect your life and health and the life and health of others by working to achieve an undetectable viral load and being disciplined about staying that way.  

The chances of infecting someone with HIV if you are undetectable are miniscule.  The chances of contracting the disease from someone who unknowingly has the virus (and therefore are not on meds) are astronomical.  

Don't take it from me, talk to your doctor; you might be surprised by the latest research on the subject!

I seriously don't get the point of all this "share your status" stuff. When the guy texted the nerd and said he was neg and asked the nerd's status, what answer would have changed the result? He should have been having safe sex no matter what. So if your behavior is the same no matter what answer, WHY ARE YOU ASKING?

Completely agree.  I think all too often people ask that question to feel better about practicing unsafe or risky sex.  I think sharing your status is something you should do as you begin a relationship, not when you're about to have sex for the first time.  It's important information, but not if you're just going to fuck.    

Positive, Negative? I don'tcare! Love is love. I am negative and plan to stay that way, but EVERYBODY deserves love

Really enjoyed the message and the intent of this PSA.  Keep the great work up!!

I thought the message was awesome. If you are worried about what other people think of you, then you should check your awareness. We all know the realities of gay men and gay sex, straight people and straight sex, etc by now. They are simply giving a realistic example on a way to better protect yourself in a situation. There are other ways, not necessarily better ways. I prefer to stay open and not be prudish trashy.  THIS is the reason that people deplore gays.  I 100% support the message.  But, basically it shows all gays as sexed-up jerks.  There would have been a WAY better way to go about this.  I see this as giving me a bad name.

I don't understand what is trashy about two men (who clearly like each other, end up dating, and also discuss status and use a condom) having sex? Sexed up? This PSA is about HIV, which is frequently spread by sex. Would you prefer they show the two men going bowilng? Your self loathing is sad.

what?! straight people never act like this???? I thought it was sweet and sensitive and gets the message across... not trashy AT ALL... imho.

I agree.  The last thing we need is to tell people how freeing it can be to get infected.

Great PSA. I've shared it on facebook, and encouraged all my friends to share. Nicely done.

Great message showing trust is everything! 

"Wasn't he beautiful? Wasn't he righteous?
Wasn't he everything we want you to see in us?
Wasn't he beautiful? Wasn't he righteous?
Wasn't he a great way to go out when the soft light dies?"

15 years ago I wrote a track called "Scarecrow Song" (Listen for free here:

The song was obviously directly inspired by the death of Matthew Shepherd, but the lyrics were more specifically about the gay community's need to martyr only a SPECIFIC type of man to represent us. White. Blonde. Pretty.

This "PSA" shows me nothing has really changed.

I would find it a lot more impactful if the actors didn't look like models, and they cast people who I could actually relate to. Like... the highest rate of infection amongst gay men is young black men, so they hired two non-black actors, both of whose characters seem to be fairly well off if their clothes and his home are an indication. This PSA in no way, shape or form represents the reality of AIDS and HIV in the gay community in 2013.

So you're saying the message of this makes no impact on you, because the actors don't look like what you expect to see in this situation? We're talking about a non-discriminatory disease. The message rings true regardless of the demographic. If you're only expecting to see HIV in young black men, you're setting yourself up for a harsh surprise. Statistics are good for some things, but their usefulness doesn't quite extend to the choosing of sexual partners or casting for every PSA on YouTube.

No. I'm saying the message of this loses it's impact because it has been whitewashed and intentionally cast with extremely unusually attractive people. Don't use straw men to argue your point, Travis. I'm not stupid. Do extremely unusually attractive physically fit people get HIV? Yes, obviously. Why, exactly, do we need to constantly, exclusively cast this type of person in media of this nature?

If you don't understand why the average person would have a diminished response to this content I can only assume that's privilege rearing its ugly head.

James, thank you for expressing so eloquently this tendency in the gay media to 'whitewash' and sexyfy  every serious message  . This PSA reflects the thinly  veiled, more-of-the-same gay erotica we see in virtually every gay outlet. Don't get me wrong, I am absolutely no prude when it comes to sex in my personal life; but, I would agree wth those  who feel that backroom-style sex, at workplace premises, might not be the most mature and sincere (not to mention creative) way to present a message of understanding and acceptance of serodiscordant relationships in a PSA.


:) crying

Me, too. And sharing.

Thanks, Instinct!  We are really proud of this one!

- John Saint-Denis

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