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Stonewall Organization Names Pat Robertson The 2013 Bigot Of The Year

Pat will have to make room among his other bigot and d-bag "awards" for one of the top honors of the year for folks of his ilk. During Sunday night's annual Stonewall Awards in the U.K., the LGBT organization named Pat "Gays Wear AIDS Rings" Robertson as the 2013 Bigot of the Year, an honor the televangelist has worked for his entire career. 

Pink News has more:

Pat Robertson, the US televangelist, was named Bigot of the Year at the Stonewall Awards last night. Robertson, the host of the 700 Club and the founder of the Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN), was given the title after his bizarre theory concerning the transmission of HIV between gay men. In August, he said gay people purposely spread HIV by cutting people with “special rings”. As a response, gay CNN anchor Anderson Cooper criticised Robertson during the ‘Ridiculist’ feature on his show. Robertson beat four nominees for Bigot of the Year including historian Professor Neil Ferguson; Reverend George Gabauer; leading ex-gay activist Scott Lively; and, UKIP Parliamentary candidate Winston McKenzie.

Did Stonewall get it right this year?


Jerry Falwell, now happily dead was all out meaner, crazier, more deeply powerful than this nut job Robertson.  He wanted to incarcerate ALL gay men in camps to protect the public from gay mens horrible disease, AIDs/HIV, that was back in the late 70's early 80's.  Again though Robertson is just a douche bag from the start anyway.    

Why doesn't anybody take him to court? How is it possible somebody is allowed to say these things in public. This is discrimination. Hiding behind the "freedom of speech"-claim should have limits. What he does is damaging !! To court with this man !!!

Brian Brown is far worse than all of them. He is working in countries like Uganda and Russia to get criminal laws passed that make being gay punishable by prison or the death penalty. He has been sued in US Federal Court this year by an Ugandan gay organization for human rights violations, and a Federal judge in New York found that the Ugandans have standing and can sue Brown. Brown is also promoting a legislation in Russia to violate human rights of gay people, and he spreads lies and propaganda about LGBT people. He is also a horrible racist and vehemently hates immigrants to the United States. One of the most hateful people in the world right now. He is the bigot of the century.

Brown and Robertson should share the  "prize", not just for this year, but for many years.

When I was a Christian I thought this guy was a douche.  Now that I'm not a Christian anymore (and openly gay) I think he is an appalling excuse for a human being.

This man always deserves this title!

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