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University Of Texas Swimmer Comes Out To Teammates In Heartwarming Email

Matt Korman, a junior on the University of Texas swim team, is the talk of campus this week after coming out to teammates in a heartwarming email. Outsports brought the story to the Internet today after one of Matt's email recipients implored the online outlet to write about the brave athlete. 

"In the past week, one of my teammates came out to us in a beautifully written email," reads the email tip sent to Outsports. "I would love for y'all to contact him and possibly tell his story. He's an incredibly bright young man with a great future in swimming at Texas. We have all been 100% supportive and have tried to provide him with the best environment possible, simply changing nothing."

Outsports was able to get in touch with Matt, who had this to say: 

"I've been totally blessed by this whole situation because it's gone so well," Matt said. "I've gotten zero negative feedback. There were a couple guys who always throw around the word faggot and try to make every situation as masculine as possible. We have guys from the middle of nowhere conservative Texas. But they've been like, 'we're totally fine, you're still my friend and my teammate and good for you.'"

Matt shared his coming out email:


The last year has been a rather difficult one for me and I have spent a lot of time soul searching and trying to figure out which end is up. One thing in particular has taken me quite a long time to come to terms with, and I want to address it here and now because it's way past due.

Within the past year, I have fallen into a state of depression, which has deeply affected my life. I have had a hard time sleeping at night, eating, and have lost a lot of interest in swimming. For the first time in my career, I was ready to quit swimming at the end of the summer. Not many people have noticed something has been wrong. The ones that did, I just blamed all the stress on my schoolwork, which has been my scapegoat. But, I miss sleeping at night; being happy and being the person I used to be when it didn't really matter. Although this has been something I have known for a while, it hit me particularly hard more recently as I have realized that I'm not getting any younger and would like to start dating and enjoy the simple things of life that I have been missing out on. When I was younger I thought I was only curious or it was just a phase for me, but have come to terms that I'm actually gay. (There, I finally said it)

For a long time I tried to be someone that I am not. By opening up and talking about it I have learnt that this is normal and its okay to be who I am. I have accepted myself for who I am. There is nothing to be ashamed of. It is not something that I choose. It just is.

Please know that I am telling you this about myself because I love you guys and I really want you to know this important part of me. I was growing tired of all the lying, dishonesty, and pretending. You all have always been there for me and supported me in everything that I do. You are and forever will be my brothers. I simply couldn't continue to hide this from you anymore because it was slowly killing me. I want you to know me for who I am. I pray that this will not change anything, but I know for some of you this is uneasy. I want you all to know that I am here to have an open dialogue. If you have questions or concerns please be honest with me as I am being with you. Do not hesitate to ask me questions if you have any (appropriate ones). I know this email has been a bit heavy and I apologize for that. All I can do is hope you will accept me for who I am and realize that I really haven't changed. I am still the same me.

I love you guys & thank you for listening.



Congratulations, Matt! 




What an amazing email so hearfelt and honest!! God bless you my friend and now you can live your life free
Hook em \m/
Anthony Hernandez

Beautifully written matt. 

I support your words,and you have the same right to be happy  as any other person in the world.

Be Proud of it, matt, it takes alot to do what you did. My uncle's where to concerned on what others thought it got in the way of their own happiness, and now. They've never been happier. After they both came out.   

Don't worry about what others think just be happy with you. And  live happy

 Best of luck matt, 

As soon as I stop crying like a baby,  I am way older then you. I give you so so so many props ( as they say )  To have... to have struggled for so long..then to' come out' the way you did, Youngin, it took a lot of balls (as they say back in my day )    You have earned my most humble respect young sir,.... Chuck

congrats on your coming out honey ,may you have many years of fun.  Oh i hope you have a great career in swimming.

With great love for his brothers Matt simply and eloquently expressed what all humanity hopes for:  We all desire to belong, to be apart of and to be as one with the other. . . Matt may your courage strengthen the resolve of others to be free to be who they are  - "it just is."  

Someday . . . Courage won't be needed to express to those we love - who we are. . . 

Even in deep, dark africa, lesbians read articles like these and feel proud of their brave brothers all over the world. Every coming out story is a moment of bravery, happiness and joy. Well done, Matt!

Well said.  

Strength and Courage are two things that help positive change in this world and your life, not only have you done the right thing for yourself but you may have opened the possibility for someone to read this and find the strength and courage to do the same.

Be the change you want to see in the world. 

Your right.  If this positive change helps just one other person who is struggling we have accomplished a lot.  Matt may have even helped someone and saved a life.   Its inspiring.  

Your right.  If this positive change helps just one other person who is struggling we have accomplished a lot.  Matt may have even helped someone and saved a life.   Its inspiring.  

Indeed. And if all of us be that change, the world would be a better place


It's taken most of my life and I'm old enough for Medicare. But, I'm here now and that's the important thing. Blessings on you, Matt. Live long and prosper. :-D

I've never felt such a bond between people as I do tonight while reading the email and all of these replies. We are all here with you Matt; and others! Those of us that have commented have been through the same thing. I commend you for the courage it takes to write such an email as I did years ago. Kudos to you and best wishes for the rest of you truly happy life. My partner and I of just three happy years thank you and your team mates for sharing this story with us.




I was 20, and in the army, when I came out. I knew that doing so would end my career but it was something I knew that I had to do. I do not regret the decision that I made. I am a better man for having done so and I have been able to live a life that is a lot less stressful if I had tried to continue to live a life. I wish you the best of luck in all that you do.

Matt I was 23 before I came to grips with my sexuality and my life prior to that was a nightmare. I went through many of the same things as you. There was a fear of what people would think, what they might do. In 1972 in San Marcos, Texas one did not go around telling everyone that he was gay.  But I had to come out or explode, I thank the gay men around me who saw me and understood my struggle and helped me to discover and to accept who I was and to become the gay man I am today.  I am a graduate of Texas State and a successful businessman. You will grow and be stronger, you live in a world that is more open and more accepting.  Congratulations, live a long and happy life and remember this moment always..

Matt, so glad to read your story is much like the rest of the commentors so I won't retell it..  I have never been happier since coming out at 52....This has been the best 11 years of my 63 years on this thing that I have learned is don't accept what anyone else tells you about yourself....God loves us all....a solid unconditional love that passeth all understanding...never allow anyone to tell you that God doesn't love us...they don't know about us....stay on the course that you have started and all good things will come to us...God bless and keep you....

I am so proud of you Matt for they way you came out and your teamates for the support. You really are an inspiration to other young men and women who are dealing witht he issue of coming out or staying in. So with tears in my eyes I wish you all the luck in your life as well as your sport and god bless your fellow teamates  for their amazing attitude. 


Great letter we all seem to have a similar story, feeling lost, confused and hoping it was just a faze. But, once you open up to people and you get it out it is so liberating and that is when you really start living.  Glad you no longer have to lie and feel bad about your lies.  You are you and as you said, nothing has changed your still the same guy.  But, one thing really has changed you can now be honest with yourself and you now know that that is OK.  May your future and all your dreams become a reality.  What a great first step to the true you.  

Agreed that this is a great first step. from here onwards, life is not always easy. But the peace in one's soul for being honest takes away a lot of that confusion and stress of before coming out.

Hi im A big fan .congratts.on comming out .im here to give much support.keep up the goodwork.


I'm am so proud of you and your team mates for how this is being handled. I'm an older gay man that wishes I could have come out back in the seventies, when I was coming to terms with what you were going through. Like many posts on here I married, hoping against hope that it would fix me. The marriage lasted for 28 years, was good for the most part, but always something was missing. Several years ago, after the marriage ended, I came out and have never been happier or at more peace with God, myself and others. Best wishes to you in all your coming adventures.

Very well said and nicely put. It take alot to come out and when you are in collage it isn't so easy. Just keep being your self and be open minded . 

Brooks Mixon

Springfield, Ma

Matt I am proud of you. I wish I would of been that brave in the early 80s but couldn't and ended up marrying my best friend and had three amazing chikdren. After 30 years of kiving a lie I am divorced with my whole families and children's blessing. But I'm 50 now. So I'm soo proud of you. May God bless you.. yes God still loves you with all His being. !!!!

Matt you truly are a person who needs to talk to younger guys who are having trouble coming out.  You are an inspiration to all gays who are having coming out issues.  I wish I did it at your age and not wait as long as I did.  Would love to meet you one day.  Go Longhorns!!

Herb Fisher

Williston, VT

awesome job,Matt.... you are a true role model for kids out there terrified what others may think... Depression affects a lot of Gay Men and Women in this world because of fear and how it affects each person differently, but similarly .....but in the long run.... People can surprise with how they can accept better..... Good Luck, Matt... I'm rooting for you ...

Well done Matt, now hopefully you are bound for happiness

This is so good I remember that I quit tennis. When I told some of my friends they told me that I was a discrace and that I was not born right. I told them we are born the same but we love who we want to. This guy has a lot of courage and I'm proud of him I wish I would have done what he did and just send an email instead of in person.

Good for you Matt.... I'm so proud of your bravery. Hopefully when people read your email they accept and love you for who you are. And I also hope that you give someone who might be in the same situation as you the courage to be strong and honest like you. Well done matt and welcome to the

Feeling proud,

Warren Carter

Bravo.  Good job.  I sent a similar email to my family over a decade ago.  Happily, it was received in the same manner as Matt's has.

Continue to be an inspiration! Well done, sir!

I wish him the best, it also took me a very long time to come to terms of being Gay myself.  Being GAY does not change a person, toward other's because it is who they have always been. I want to say WTG Matt, your team mates will and probably already are giving you the support for just being you. Of Course you know as many as I have already dealt with, not everyone will be happy.  But, now that you have told the truth about yourself, TO YOUR SELF, now you can break, take in life, enjoy it, make an impact for those that also are still thinking about their life, You I am sure are a great swimmer, man, son, friend, brother, already to many.  Stay strong, Keep Smiling, and move forward.

Matt is Awesome, coming out like that. Reminds me of Steve Grand coming out in July. Steve did it with a song. Good job Matt best of luck in the future.

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