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Methodist Pastor May Lose Credentials Following Performance Of Same-Sex Wedding For His Son

A Methodist Church pastor is headed to trial by the denomination where he may be stripped of his credentials following a same-sex marriage ceremony that he performed for his gay son in 2007. 

(We're still not clear why they're having this trial six years after the fact, but whatevs.)

The New York Daily News writes:

The United Methodist Church plans to try Rev. Frank Schaefer on Nov. 18 for presiding over the 2007 marriage, reported the Lebanon Daily News.

The church accepts gay members but rejects homosexuality as "incompatible with Christian teaching."

Schaefer, 51, said God's command to love everyone supersedes church doctrine. There was also a simpler reason he wed his son to another man: "I love him so much and didn't want to deny him that joy."

The trial is slated to be held at Innabah Camp and Retreat Center in Chester County. It could spell the end of the German-born pastor's nearly 20-year ministerial career.

Apparently the church has told Schaefer that he can avoid a trial if he promises to never perform another same-sex marriage. 

Schaefer's refused to make that promise, in part because according to Gay Star News, three of his four children are gay!

Schaefer has his supporters; NYDN reports that they gathered for a candlelit vigil Sunday afternoon at a local chapel  and started a Facebook group that has more than 2,000 likes.

A pastor who isn't willing to sell out his kids for church doctrine?! Shame on him!



Does this church realize that Jesus was NOT a homophobe?  Would He have approved of same-sex marriage?  We can only speculate.  We will never know for sure.

I think that Jesus would have.

I applaud the pastor for standing up for what's right. Thank you.

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