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Israeli Mayor Says His City Is Completely Free Of Gay People

Beit Shemesh Mayor Moshe Abutbul is proud to tell the global community that the Israeli city he presides over is 100 percent homosexual-free.

When asked about his city's gay community, Mayor Abutbul responded, “We have no such things. Thank God this city is holy and pure,” like the “garden of Eden.”

Considering that homosexuality is found in every living corner of the ecosystem, how is it that his city of 75,000 has gone against nature?

Rabbi Yitzhak Hagar attempted to answer that question during the same interview piece. “The central problem is a psychological problem, which needs treatment. In our community the problem is treated very, very well.”

Thankfully, the non-existent gays of Beit Shemesh have stood up against their mayor's ramblings to ensure nobody will ever think the city is free of diversity ever again. “The mayor of Beit Shemesh says that there are no gays in his city. He’s asked the police to deal with this phenomenon. Well, we talked to the police, and they’ll deal with us--with a pride parade that we will hold this upcoming Thursday.”

Match point, Beit Shemesh LGBT community! 

(Via Queerty)




No gay people?  How tragic for Beit Shemesh!  Quick -- we need to send more of us!

Well then I ain't gay either, but I am still a proud homosexual !!

Meanwhile he is getting a bj from his male assistant under the office desk. 

Another imbecile hits the headlines!! Next please.....

Vladimir Putin will recommend this guy for the Nobel prize for discovering a cure to homosexuality!

Gay parade, now !!

Looks like we have a place to send all the bigots!  They'll make amazing bedfellows!

How can you expect racism against Jews to go away then he turns right around and does it to another group of people.  Until everyone is treated with respect, there will be no respect...what a loser.

He's a fraud of reality. He just doesn't open his eyes as he is scared to know the real truth. He also may be hiding in the closet.

Amazing he would say this.


a very sad and delusional man indeed..........there are more gay rabbi's in the world than no gay and most of the israeli rabbi's become child molestors in the process of hiding that fact.   wake up mr. mayor........time is short.

I knew there had to be an anti-semite out there to comment. You need to wake up since it sounds like your still buying into the Nazi propaganda about Jews from WWII.

an weren't even born to see what i saw.  i can tell by your unintelligent and unexperienced statement.  it's people like you and this mayor that are polluting the world with your wrong decisions. yours is to open your mouth and speak.  let's work on silencing that first and maybe you will learn something about the world my misguided human.

Gays are in every city of the world,and so are Jews...What is his problem? I just wish religion would get over themselves....And they wonder "WHY" we don't attend  church or Synagogue...

Oh mayor tsk tsk tsk, now look what's crawling outoff the woodwork. Who hasn't heard of gay jews?! Geez mayor wake up alert!

Be safe and March On

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