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Lady Gaga & Perez Hilton Feud Escalates As She Fears He's Going To Blow Up Her Home

Lady Gaga's feud with former bestie Perez Hilton appears to only be escalating now that the ARTPOP-star has spoken out on the battle to USA Today

USA Today writes: 

The former friends traded harsh words via Twitter after a falling out, but Gaga says things escalated when Hilton wanted to move in to her building. "It's fine to hate me afar. Everyone can hate me from afar. But the second you try to move in next door to me, I know you're getting too close, and it's not safe. Already it's stressful not feeling safe as it is. I have lots of security. I get death threats all the time. Some things bring out the New Yorker in me. If you hate somebody and you want to move next door to me, the only thing I can think of is that you're moving in because you want to blow yourself up. There's thousands and millions of apartments in New York. You don't need to move in next door to me."

Perez tweeted in response:

“I’ve got my son and mom here with me in NYC and you think I’m going to blow myself up? Stop doing drugs!!”

He then directed a comment to Gaga's parents, saying: “If your daughter ends up dead, it’s from a drug overdose. Not cuz I blew us up!… She’s sick and delusional!”

Yikes. It appears the of best friends make the worst of enemies. 

Might we recommend they both just take a nap? 


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Monsters are so pressed with Perez simply because he is telling the truth. Monsters are the most pathetic and universally despised fans in the world. I can wait to see Lady Gaga's album flops as well as her tour.

Perez is one of the most miserable people that exist, and this is saying A LOT given our community. Since his weight loss he looks even more gross, if you can imagine this.

You are doing something quite wrong when you go from having one of the most acclaimed and successful pop records like The Fame Monster was, to something like ARTPOP. This record is highly overproduced and sounds dated, it seems like she has no aim to evolve, she's stuck with cheap EDM music beats.

Lady Gaga's lyrics have never been a highlight, however stupid lyrics can get a pass if the production and execution of the song is good overall. Not the case this time, the only song that can approach these qualifications is Do What U Want. The rest is overproduced, oversung, oversexualized and poorly executed.

Let's talk about Gaga's pretentiousness. Wasn't this labeled as the new Thriller by someone in her team? Well, someone should hit that guy's head. The tittle not only is pretentious is also cringeworthy. I wonder if this is really what Gaga's conceive as art mixing with pop culture or she just got lost in the process, as per usual. This is more like Gaga singing about how much she likes to get praised, and talking about meaningless stuff, something she has been doing since record number one. Fame, money, sex, love. How innovative, does she still have something different to offer, besides her obnoxious, ridiculous and desperate costumes? If we take ARTPOP as the answer for this question, is a big no.

Funny thing, some people thought Born This Way was Gaga's lowest point. What a way to hit the wall

I read the real reason shes mad is he outed her drug problem to a mutual friend in hopes this friend would talk sense to her. We know a fraction of the story. I like gaga. Own all her music but shes losing it. Shes on another planet somewhere.

Perez is just such a vile bully, I honestly don't understand the hatred for Gaga by anyone. Leave her the hell alone!

Gaga grab the opportunity to get some publicity !! Grab it now !! Any publicity !! Your other tricks don't seem to work anymore. #endofgaga

Hopefully Perez will catch on fire instead and we can all watch him burn cause there's not a soul alive that would pee on him.

Why is it necessary for people like Perez Hilton to exist......such a loser and he looks like

a jackal .

Perez is so disgusting and evil. He has made it his mission to damage Gaga's image (just look at his Twitter feed). He needs to get over it. Gaga needs to get over it. They should just never speak about each other again. Gaga is a super star performer and amazingly successful. Perez is a successful blogger. However, it's STUNT QUEEN bullshit moves like bashing Gaga to her parents-- why he has lost all credibility as a pop culture critic. 

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Perez has a son? What a lucky boy...

Perez is all cry-baby evil against her now because Gaga de-friended him ages ago! She probably got tired of his hideous tongue up her ass 24/7. But that's the pathetic story of PH's life - celebrities HAVE to pretend to like him and be his friend, so THEY don't end up on his bad side and get the hate-filled daggers like Gaga is now!!!

I wish he would blow himself up!   Scum of the earth he is...

What exactly has Perez contributed to the world of music? Or anything, for that matter? Like, what does he actually do? :P

Perez is a fake bitch anyway, riding the coattails of celebrities. Get a real job, Atleast Lady GaGa has talent.

I hate Perez so I hope he gets a restraining order put on him by Gaga he's syco

What is wrong with these two?  Why can 't they kiss and make up?

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