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White Supremacist Is Told He's Part Black On Talk Show--Hilarity Ensues

This is the kind of thing that makes us smile on a Tuesday morning. 

Craig Cobb, a Neo-Nazi who's attempted construct a whites only enclave in North Dakota and who's currently wanted in Canada for hate crimes, was in a for a bit of a shock when he voluntarily submitted to a DNA test on Trisha Goddard's self-titled talk show for a series of episodes centered around race in America. 

Cobb gets quite a surprise--and the reactions are glorious. Watch!

"You have a little black in you, bro." 

And we laughed and laughed.


Image Source  (H/T: MailOnline)


Great post and topic.  Our time is limited on earth why waste it with negativity?

I lost it at the fistbump.

We are a Republic.

14% ?!?  He's a f**king octoroon!

And on his way to quadroon.

Statistical noise! Ha ha ha! :D

I don't understand how someone comes out publicly as a Nazi and is not thrown in jail at once. 

I don't understand how you cannot understand the irony of your statement.

It doesnt work that way here. Like it or not, that's the way it is.

Because in a democratic society you don't arrest people based on their opinions and beliefs.

We are a Republic.

Being racist is neither a belief nor an opinion. It is a crime and should be considered and punished as such.

Please cite the portions of the relevant laws that state that racism is a crime.

I don't support his belief or others like him...but it is not a crime. Now, if he attacks someone or something like that...different story. But to think it and speak it...that is a right in this country.

No, democratic society has nothing to do with it. Democratic means ruled by the people or majority rules. This gets confused all the times with freedom of speech.

Our democratic process is not ruled by the people. And certainly not by majority. If you actually believe that one you need to wake up and look around.

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