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Jennifer Lawrence Ditches 'Catching Fire' Red Carpet To Console Young Crying Girl

The antithesis to the Miley Cyrus smoking a joint on live TV stories this week arrives thanks to the fucking amazing Jennifer Lawrence. America's Future Sweetheart™ (the title of America's current reigning Sweetheart can't be claimed until Betty White passes away a few centuries from now) ditched an interview on the red carpet premiere for The Hunger Games: Catching Fire to comfort a crying fan. Jennifer spent a good chunk of time with the fan, graciously chatting, hugging, signing papers and posing for photographs, as those attending with the young girl teared up in a glorious Kumbaya moment for humanity.

Isn't it refreshing?





Fucking Rob Ford.

Not only does she show complete and utterly true empathy..but was was a big sister to this tiny fan..What a brilliant, talented, beautiful woman she is! She will go places in life with her huge heart!

Maybe my faith in humanity is not restored completely but this girl is indeed a breathe of really fresh air.

What a beautiful person, i really like her.

That's our Louisville gal. What a sweetie. 

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