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Naked Vine Hunk Wonders Why We Don't Look At His Eyes When He's Talking [NSFW]

Hunky Vine user Rick Martin (what is it with guys who have that name?) wonders why people don't look in his eyes when he talks to them. 

Well, for one, because BUTT.

NSFW, obviously.


do someone have a link of that pleeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaasssssseeeeeee

bello bello scoperei molto volentieri 

You "crack"me up!

Nice butt...

I am looking at you! In fact, I am looking at every inch of you, that eye can see! : )

Yes he is gay, I've slept with him before.

....yyyyyeah, you're lying. he just posting a vine stating he's not gay.

@Zack seriously you need to tell me how he is?? Top or bottom and if it's the latter is he as good as he looks?

He is bottom/vers. He is amazing , rides great!

@Zack God bless you sir I can definitely use that in my next J/O session. He let you eat him out? He looks like he'd be incredible. Thanks again for the info.

Cute and Funny !! I love him !!

if only i can put my dick in between your butt and rub ur nipple baby

RIGHT?? You just want to put your tongue in that ass when you see it. Perfect

Thought it was great and cute.   To all the mean comments above. Haters....   Learn to say nothing if all you can spew is negativity.    

Don't wave that perfect ass in my face if YOUR face wants my attention ;-)

On the flip side, he sounds fucking retarded when he says "talking"

On the flip side, he sounds fucking retarded when he says "talking"

Well he certain caught MY attention!

Oh my Jesus I would eat that OUT! Throw some whipped cream on those cheeks and go to fuckin' werk on that boy. God. Jacked off to this three times today already. Not gonna lie

just another dramatic attention whore latino

just another dramatic attention whore latino

Fkn cute

He should look at a color picture of Paul Newman

to see what real eyes look like not those vacant ones!

I definitely would look at your eyes they're beautiful, just as sexy as your bum :)


whats this guys vine username??

leetle tiny pinga prolly 

You have beautiful brown eyes!

Cuye beautiful even.but he knows it and that's not attractive

Oh I can deinitely fap to this.

Believe me, I am looking at you; your ass, body, eyes, lips, hair, face and everything else i can see. Would to see more, you are a beautiful young man. SEXY< SEXY< SEXY :)

time to eat!

Great Ass! just HOT!

I do like your eyes    I loved how you widened them     Keep up the good work  and don't get bummed out

Wow! Beautiful! Gorgeous! 

Wow! Beautiful! Gorgeous! 

lmaooo hes cute tho 

Because...It's not your eyes, nor tats, that draw us in, silly lol.

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