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California Bill Will Force All Porn Stars To Wear Goggles While Filming, If Passed

California lawmakers have been trying to mandate safe-sex in porn production for years, but the latest draft of CA Bill AB 640 has folks wondering if lawmakers are going too far. 

According to the new incarnation, if passed, porn performers working in California will be required to wear "personal protective clothing" in addition to condoms during filming. The Hazmat-suit like protection will be required, according to the bill, to “prevent contact of an employee’s eye; skin, mucous membranes, or genitals."

Though both Los Angeles law and official OSHA policies require adult performers to wear protections, the rule is rarely enforced. The proposed legislation out of Sacramento, would change that, and raise the stakes for adult film production in the state. 

Going further, the updated draft would make ejaculation on another perform's "genitals, mouth or eyes" criminal altogether. 

The owner of told Salon that the proposed law would “basically criminalize the production of porn.”

What say you, Instincters? Should professional porn performers working in California have to wear protective eyewear while filming?

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stupid law 

Come to Nashville, porn stars! Make your movies here. I know it's the buckle of the Bible Belt and all, but it would give some diversity to our economy. And, seeing porn stars working out at the gym or eating lunch on a West End would be a bonus.

Are you absolutely off your rocker? Porn is what it is. Leave it alone. I could make a porn film in my bedroom. Do I need a hazmat suit for that too? This is going way to far. People starring in porn do it because they want to. They know their own limits are and know what to expect . Why should anyone else get involved?

Is this The Onion now?

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