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'The Hunger Games: Catching Fire' Triangle Seems Lopsided...

The battle between Gale and Peeta for Katniss's affections continues in the latest installment of The Hunger Games saga, Catching Fire....and this is the most lopsided piece of promo that we've seen. 

We're big fans of both Liam Hemsworth (Gale) and Josh Hutcherson (Peeta) for various reasons, but this photo of the three leads at the Catching Fire premiere is just the rudest:

Couldn't they give Josh an apple box? Stagger the three of  them? Put him on some stairs?

It's okay, Josh. We love all 4 ft. of you--and Peeta!! (Clearly you and Jennifer Lawrence are a perfect fit...)

Team Gale or Team Peeta, Instincters?


Is there Is even a questIon? Teen Gale

i had no idea he was so wee.

I love little men.  I find nothing wrong with the proportion.


Well if JLaw had taken off her gigantic heels she would have been a better pair with Josh. How rude!

He's pulling off that suit like a champ.

He needs to be pulling off that suit and climbing in to bed with me. ;)

there is nothing wrong with being short and owning it.

no short shaming

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