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Sexy "Squared" Trailer: What Happens When Two Guys Find Out They're Both Tops?

The new trailer for filmmaker Hieu Tran's upcoming short "Squared" displays the awkward mating dance performed by many a gay male who's let stereotypes cloud his thinking. 

Tran explains on the film's FB page:

From my dating experiences, I was bothered when guys called me their “Geisha” and other derogatory terms. I also often hear people ask gay couples, “Who’s the woman in the relationship?” and point to the Asian guy. Society often objectifies Asians, especially gay Asians, and view them as submissive, feminine and passive.

With “Squared,” I want to show that not all Asians fit into the stereotypes that society has constructed.




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I would prefer to be topped by an Asian seeing how I wouldn't want my sphincter to be like a walk-in closet for other potential sex partners.  My ass is best when its like an Army haircut - high and tight.

I am a versatile top, and I am very thankful for bottoms. Sometimes getting topped feels good, too, even though I am more inclined to top. I think people need to expand their horizons and switch roles every now and then.

Trust me, two tops can have a LOT of fun. 

how any legal reason which proves to convene ourselves to become bottoms of each other

yes, with a third that's a bottom.  :)

This trailer is retarded. A wrestling match? I hope you don't charge people to see this shit at the cinema. 

That was so cute. 

Real sex is rarely about stereotypes, in bed there are only four witnesses: four walls.

is it possible we have become such prisoners of stereotypes. Gentlemen tops, bottoms, Asians, etc. we're all gay and it's all good. no position or race makes us more manly. Fall for someone and it all really doesnt matter

They are both bottoms in real life.

Are you sure this wasn't written by Sean Cody?

I think it's a much worse scenario when two men discover they're both bottoms....that presents so much worse of a challenge - at least two tops can get creative and there's ways to please one another - two bottoms is such a killing...there are way too many bottoms in the world, LOL - we need more tops, so if there are Asian tops out there being misrepresented, bring it on!  I happen to be a bottom that prefers an African-American top and where I live, man it is a rarity to find a true top.

Bttm here. It's super hot for two bttms to use a double sided dildo, and try to make the other cum first as you each ride the toy at the same time. Hot hot hot ;-) 

I know what you mean. Way too many bottoms or Vera men.

So tired of boring Americans.  Who cares what you do in your bed?

They're both total bottoms.

Fun Fact: One out of three people makes up false statistics. 

Cant wait to see it

This is stupid. Stop making bottom seem like its a bad thing.

It is

This looks really stupid & juvenile.  An interesting topic but not if morons are playing it. The facts are most young Asians are bottoms & submissive & choose those roles. stereotypes are based on personal experiences by many.

and how do you know those ground breaking facts? did you sleep with all Asian gay community? gay and narrow minded - appalling x

Most Asian guys are bottoms? Well... try my dick you will find out the real truth !

I am an Asian and i m not a bottom.
how do u expect that All Asians are bottoms
come on and see my 9-inch dick then u will become my bottom whether u are a great top of ur all times..............? 

Mmm that sounds hot. Want my email

Most young Asians are bottoms and submissive?

So, the fact is that most gays are slits, are you?

I'm definitely not a slit.

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